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Stay Cozy In Eco-Friendly Fleece Jackets – Only Smart Moms Would Know Which 1 To Pick From These 3 Top Options!

Fleece jackets for mom

Looking for fleece jacket women? We’ll surely give you the list of the best options available to pick from but before we do so, we are also going to discuss about what are the qualities of this fabric and why you should buy it.

What is fleece, the material?

The name “Fleece” might look like it’s derived from a sheep but it’s not in reality. Fleece is a 100% man made product, which is made from plastic. Its touch might feel fuzzy but it’s actually synthetic.  The best part of fleece is that it’s warm and cozy and the touch is soft and soothing. Its breathable nature makes it ideal for inner as well as outerwear.

What’s so innovative about fleece?

Only one thing that makes fleece so innovative is that it’s made from plastic like actual plastic, which is turned into polyester. Polyester fibres are woven into a lightweight fabric that is increased in volume once brushed. Some of the customized fleece products are created by incorporating rayon, hemp or wool like substances that enhances the texture of the fabric overall. This makes fleece a complete eco-friendly product, which is still low on pocket. Another amazing thing about fleece is that it can be made from recycled plastic products as well like plastic water bottles and stuff.

Which are the popular fleece products?

Fleece is being used for astronaut’s underwear and various other athletic outfits. It’s among one of the most popular fabrics in textile industry nowadays. Scarves, coats, blankets and gloves are some extremely common varieties of fleece. But one of the majorly used products these days is fleece jacket.

Fleece Jackets have been around since quite long. It’s been considered durable and comfortable by many users. However, the fabric didn’t get much attention by sports users until a Decathlon fleece jacket were introduced and captured everyone’s attention.  

To begin with the list of fleece jackets women category, some amazing varieties of Decathlon fleece jacket are available online. In addition there are many other brands also available that provide some good options. So let’s begin with the top list that we have reviewed and prepared for you to pick from:

Top Fleece Jackets From Smart Moms

Quechua Fleece Jacket

Decathlon fleece jacket or Quechua fleece jacket is an amazing option for women. It’s comfortable and soft and keeps you warm all the time. It’s ideal for both sports and casual use. Quechua fleece jacket women is one of the most bought products in Decathlon these days. If you don’t want to hit the store, you can buy this online.


Colour: Black

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Quechua fleece jacket

Wildcraft Fleece Jacket

Another fleece jacket women is this one by Wildcraft. Wildcraft jackets are already known for its comfort and quality. It’s also among the most preferred jackets during winters in many locations in the world. Even Wildcraft fleece jackets are being picked heavily after this recent popularity of fleece fabric.


Colour: Pink

Sizes available: M, L, XL

Wildcraft Fleece Jacket

Columbia Fleece Jacket

For those who don’t know Columbia is one of first sportswear brands providing high quality apparels, accessories and footwear. Run by a housewife turned business woman, Gert Boyle, Columbia sport wear holds a remarkable position in the world for its perfection and quality. The brand was launched in 1937 in Portland and was taken over by Gert in 1970 and since then its outdoor range is most preferred for hikers and snow mountaineers. With Columbia fleece jackets women you can go camping, fishing, golfing or running and still remain cozy even in lowest degree temperatures. These jackets are eco-friendly, soft, cozy and comfortable and definitely you don’t need to look more into a jacket before buying.

So, I don’t think so we need to say more that Columbia fleece jackets women is your right choice.

Columbia fleece jacket

Why do smart moms need fleece jacket?

Because why shouldn’t moms have all the fun!

Moms of today no longer confine themselves inside doors. They are all out going to various places to explore the world even in low temperature areas. In 99% of the cases, kids accompany them in their exploration time. Therefore, in order to take care of them, moms remain cozy and so comes the need to cozy fleece jacket. And you know another best part about most of these jackets is that you can pick same designs and styles for your kids as well. A huge range of fleece jackets for kids is also available to choose from. You can either pick same or a different one for your child and go for a trek together.

We have done our share of research to help you moms reach the product of your choice. Reviews mentioned above are based on the actual use of each product. Our objective is to provide the most authentic reviews and keep all information transparent so our users are able to purchase the right thing.

So now go for it ladies.

Happy Shopping!