Did You Think Kashmiri Pheran Can Be An Amazing Maternity Wear During Winters? No? Read On!

Picking up a right set of maternity clothes is extremely important for pregnant women these days. Unlike before when women used to spend most of their pregnancy time in night wears, women of today are very conscious about what they wear during this time. Therefore huge manuals are nowadays available on maternity fashion guiding pregnant women on what they should and should not wear during pregnancy. Just while thinking on this and scrolling here and there, I reached to Kashmiri Pheran.  Did it ever occur to you before that a pheran can per a perfect maternity wear during winters? Because I think it’s kind of cool to wear such a comfortable fitting outfit through your pregnancy yet remain cozy.

But before even thinking about it, let’s first know what it really is, what is it made of and all other related questions that you might be having. 

What is a Pheran?

Pheran also known as phiran is a well known traditional wear from Kashmere, India. It’s basically a combination of two in one where you where one layer above the other.  It’s available for both females and males. The popularity of phiran goes back to 19th century however, it’s similar to traditional Afgan wear where the length of the shirt is usually below knees and it is supposed to be worn with a shalwar (termed as suthan). In case of long pherans, shalwars are not worn traditionally and these are without slits on both sides.

What is the history behind Pherans?

As per a lot of sources, the pherans originated during 1586 when the Mughal emperor Akbar had conquered the valley. And at that time, Phirans were not just limited to winter wear. Summer pherans were made of cotton while in winter pherans were made of wool. This traditional attire is still common in varies parts of Kashmir valley as well as Chenab valley. Winter pherans keeps body worm even in snow.

How are pheran designs?

Pheran designs are very easily noticeable in India. These are basically thread work mostly hand-woven on woollen fabric. The entire upper area say the above entire chest area is covered with coloured pattern either in single or multiple colours. Another set of pheran designs is covered with handwork all across but this later category is very limited and thus is on a costlier side. Most of the designs are Aari hand embroidery which is India’s most common form of chain stitched embroideries. A huge collection of pheran designs is available nowadays. The best part is that you can buy this in any part of the country.

Now lets jump onto the main question from where we began, let’s discuss that here.

Why go for Kashmiri Pheran as maternity wear during winters?

Pherans usually are extra loose garment. Some of its variety is made with a combination of cotton and wool and some are just wool so pregnant women have an option of picking the fabric that suits their skin. It can be paired with a salwar or can be worn just as an upper garment which kind of works for pregnant ladies who prefer comfortable loose clothes during their pregnancy. During winters, Kashmiri Pheran is a blessing for these women as they are made with wool, which keeps them warm. You can also pair it with a different kind of lower say jeans or trousers or simply wear it like a dress and yet remain cozy. So in a way, pherans can become an amazing maternity wear during winters.

Even during summers, cotton pherans would look super amazing simply because these traditional embroidery is coming back in fashion.  

Now let’s see what all options you have available to pick from.

Best options of Pherans

Option 1: Multi coloured Pheran – Full embroidery

This is among the not so common designs of pherans available in India. These are made in Kashmere and are brought to different parts of the country. These are available in 9 different shades and made with pure wool which keeps you warm during winters.


Option 2: Black Kashmiri Pheran

This is one of the most opted or to be more correct, commonly used pheran designs made of pure wool. It’s comfortable to wear. The entire neck area is covered with ari hand embroidery which is commonly used for handwork on pherans. This particular Pheran design is available in 6 more colour options to pick from.


Option 3: Cotton wool pheran

Made with cotton wool, this is another amazing options of Pheran available in India. It is available in 4 more colour options which are pink, black, green and red.


Option 4: Floral design pheran

Another amazing Kashmiri pheran is this below one which is available in five different colour options. This one has handwork on the neck side as well as on the centre going towards the bottom right side. The floral design enhances its complete look. You can pair this with any kind of lowers like a pair of jeans or trousers.

Floral design pheran

Option 5: Coat style pheran

This is an exclusive kashmiri pheran available in India. The design of this one is different from the usual options however, the pattern is absolutely amazing. Another exclusivity of this design is that you can wear it as a coat too as its design is coat style which makes it multi-usable. This one is also made with pure wool that will keep you cozy all the while.

Coat pheran

Pheran for summers

Red georgette Kashmiri pheran

Since we discussed above that pherans are available for winters as well as summers, I found this amazing option from the summer pherans. This one is made with georgette fabric which you must know is a completely summer fabric. It’s soft and soothing for the skin so you don’t feel the heat. The design of this is Kashmiri which makes it an ideal Kashmiri pheran for summer.

Red pheran for summers

So, now you have the list of best Kashmiri pheran to pick from. According to me this is one of the best maternity wear options during winter as well as summer and if you too think so, do let me know by sharing your views through our feedback/contact form.

Sunaina Mishra

A mom blogger trying to come back to the industry and make a mark once again. After my pregnancy, I decided to share every bit from my experience so it could help new moms take the right road. I also publish authentic reviews of most of the products I used during pregnancy and some of the ones I am using for my child as well. I hope to share the best views here.

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