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Type Of Feeding Tops To Make Your Life Easier While Nursing In Public!

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Nursing in public, it’s a big question for woman. How to do it right? Won’t it be awkward? What if someone sees me? These are few questions that pop into a mother’s brain before traveling out, but once you see the crying baby all your brain thinks of is to satisfy him. So ladies never feel embarrassed to feed your baby in public, it’s your right and the baby’s too. To make you comfortable in the process here is list of some feeding tops options that you can choose from.

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Type Of Feeding Tops For Nursing

You might have heard about feeding tops but we bet you didn’t know that there were many options to it. Let me help you know in detail about the types of feeding tops for nursing that simplifies everything and makes your life easier. Let’s take a look:

1. Neck line access style

You can pull the neck line aside to access the nursing opening on the inner layers. These are generally v necked tops with strap like arms which makes it easy to access your breasts. It’s available online and you can choose from wide range of feeding tops. Neckline access feeding tops are also available in a slightly different style these days. Some of them come with a zipper in the centre which can be used in the same way. Here are some options available in India to pick from:

1. Green neckline access feeding top:

This particular design in available in three different colour options and different sizes as well. This one gives to open access in the front. It’s a convenient option for women who don’t want to make nursing obvious with zips on the side.

Last checked price: ₹ 1,299.00

2. V-Neck access style top

The V-Neck style feeding top is convenient for nursing. You simply have to pull the top a little below while nursing your baby. You might would want to add a layer of stole or dupatta to cover your nipple area if you wish too in case of this one. But that piece of cloth doesn’t comes along with the top.

V neck top

Last checked price: ₹ 543.00 – ₹ 649.00

Ya that’s all. In India, we don’t really get many options in this style of feeding tops. We have a whole other collection available though so keep checking this space.

2. Empire line access style

Lift the empire band to access the nursing opening. These are the tops which come with empire band and frill or frock like pattern below the band. These tops too make a very comfortable maternity wear as well as feeding top.

Options available in empire line access feeding tops:

1. Tunic style feeding top

One of the most highly preferred feeding top is this one. It keeps your covered entirely and nursing opening can be used as and when needed. It’s a perfect wear for nursing in public.

neckline feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 599.00

2. Maroon feeding top:

feeding tops

Last checked price: ₹ 549.00

3. Cute red feeding top

Cute red feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 519.00

4. White and red feeding top

White and red feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 579.00 

5. Yellow feeding top:

Last checked price: ₹ 629.00 

3. Side seam access

Lift the side seams to access nursing opening. These are the tops which have zips or buttons on the side which are used to access your breasts. These are the most favourite choice of many mothers and is a typical feeding top.

Options available in side seam feeding tops:

1. Blue side seam feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 750.00

2. Blue two side seam feeding top

One of the most appropriate and convenient options available is this feeding top which has both side opening for a comfortable breastfeeding experience. Now, this one makes feeding extremely comfortable in public.


Last checked price: ₹ 1,395.00

3. Brown two side open feeding top


Brown feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 1,395.00

4. Criss cross access

Lift the sides of the cross cross to access the nursing opening. These tops have the design similar to and empire band but with criss cross pattern and zip or opening at the junction of the criss cross for access. So this too is a comfortable feeding top.

Option 1:

This is a stylish feeding top with a hidden opening. You an conveniently pull the clothing area aside when you need it for nursing your baby. It’s a perfect designer feeding top that you can use in public. You can also use this later once your feeding period is over as the opening area is hidden under a layer of clothing and is comfortable in use.

Nursing top


Last checked price: ₹ 869.00 

Option 2: Blue yellow feeding top

Very rarely available, this feeding top is also a great option for nursing in public or at home. The opening area is hidden under a layer of clothing which you can pull aside when you need. This can be used even when your feeding time is over.

Last checked price: ₹ 3,739.00

5. Vertical front access top for feeding

These tops have zip or buttons place right at the centre and thus gives access to the nursing opening. Most of the dresses you find under the title maternity wear have this design. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s a good option for a nursing or feeding top. You can get a collection of gowns, tops, nighty with this design.

1. Yellow comfortable feeding top

This feeding top comes without zip and is a comfortable. You can use this while nursing anytime of the day and at any place. The best part of this type of design is that it can also be used once your breastfeeding period is over.

Last checked price: ₹ 1,299.00

2. Green 3 way feeding top

(Highly Recommended)

This green 3 way opening feeding top at this price will be your best steal. It provides the most convenient openings for breastfeeding. You get 3 side openings in this top which you can use at your comfort. Choosing the opening will obviously depend on the place you are.

Last checked price: ₹ 699.00

6. Drop flap feeding top for nursing

Most of the nursing bra have these design, you would find a flap right in front of your breast for access. Similar design can be seen in some feeding tops, the flap itself open and the nursing opening can be accessed easily.

Drop flap tops

7. Top layer top for feeding

The top layer of your dress or top can be lifted giving access to the nursing opening. These tops are multi layered, outer layer can be lifted which gives access to the inner nursing layer. This can be bit complicated and uncomfortable kind of feeding top though.

top layer tops

The above two types of feeding tops are the most convenient ones but they are not usually available in India. However some of the closest options you can find here are:

Option 1: Yellow covered feeding top

Fully covered feeding top is the most chosen one. It’s one of the most comfortable and convenient options when it comes to feeding in public. If you are not comfortable with partial opening, then this is the right fit for you because you’ll be able to feed your baby anywhere wearing this top for feeding.

Yellow covered feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 699.00

Option 2: Ponchu style feeding top

Most women prefer this type of feeding tops because of its full coverage. It is believe that feeding baby’s face should be hidden to keep them safe from negative vibes. So if you too are a believer, this type of feeding top is perfect for you.

Ponchu feeding top

Last checked price: ₹ 549.00


So ladies these are the kind of tops available on line to choose from. I know even I never thought feeding tops would have so many options, but when I did my research I found an overwhelming number of choices. You could easily choose your style of design and search for it online. Keep your baby’s comfort in mind too. Just keep your comfort ahead of you before choosing the type of feeding top because when it comes to nursing, comfort of you and your baby is all that matters. Pick a style that will keep you both in comfortable position and it will be the best choice ever.

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