No More Kitty Party Games, It’s Time For Booze & Dancing – What Women Want!

Kitty parties have been one of the most favourites activities for women, not just stay at home ones but also working women since kitty parties are their chance of having fun with the ladies. The trend has been running all around since years. It started with women getting together at homes and have their meals or play kitty party games like Tambola, poker etc. A show named Desperate housewives even started the trend of poker as one of the kitty party games which was not there before.


With time, the trend took a transformation because women were bored of cooking at home so they started going out for lunches or breakfast kitty parties. Various restaurants also have designated areas to host kitty parties for ladies. This has been going on since years.


But very recently, this kitty party trends has taken a different turn among the women. Nowadays, women are interested in making most of this free time away from their families. So, kitty party games have been replaced by booze, hukka and dancing.


One of my friends who told asked me to join her kitty party and me being a working person told her I am not so much keen on hanging out playing kitty party games etc during the some time I get for myself and there she started the temptation telling me how she and her friends enjoy kitty parties these days. She told me they book a place, mostly over the weekends which serves booze and allows hukkas too and there I was with my prompt yes.


Because why not? Why should boys have all the fun?

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