5 Best Epilator In India – For Painfree Hair Removal!

After stepping into motherhood the one thing that the mother’s don’t get time for is self care. It becomes difficult for us to make time for ourselves with the new born or the toddler around. Plus to add to this mess we all are stuck at our homes thanks to the pandemic and the lock down. With all the grooming centres shut we do not have much options but to do it ourselves at home. The most basic of self care is trimming our extra body hair. Without help or support waxing the hair by ourselves becomes very difficult. In such circumstances steps in the epilator. Let’s take a look at the best epilator in India, and conclude which is the best epilator for women in India.

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  1. What are the advantages of using an epilator?
  2. Which is the best epilator in India?

What are the advantages of using an epilator ?

  • A visit to the parlour can be time consuming and with a child in hand it becomes nearly impossible to do so
  • The process of hair removal at the salon can be a bit painful and might leave our skin sore.
  • The hair removal becomes very easy task with the epilators. You can use them anytime and anywhere.
  • They are very portable and easy to use with an added benefit of being painless.

Which is the best epilator in India?

Here’s our recommended list of best epilator for women in India to help you pick the right product for yourself.

Best Epilator In India

1. Phillips corded epilator

Philips is a very well know product when it comes to electronic gadgets. The very important feature an epilator should have is of being pain-free and shouldn’t pull on the hair while it gets removes. Thus this epilator comes with safety guard and the blades do not cause any harm to your skin. It comes with sensitive area cap to prevent skin damage to sensitive skin. It has two speed features for thicker and thinner hair removal. It has a very ergonomic grip and comes with a washable head so that you can maintain the hygiene of the epilator. All these features make it one of the best epilator for women in India.

Key features:
  • It is perfect for use on the face and underarms.
  • It can remove hair from other parts of the body like arms and legs.

Check out the product using the link below:

Best Epilator In India

2. Philips cordless epilator

Another best epilator for women in India is this one. Philips brings to you a very powerful but gentle machine. It comes with different blades and setting for the removal of even the trickiest hair on the body. It comes with two modes shaving and plucking too which gives you a salon finish smooth skin in under 10 minutes that too at the comfort of your own time and space. Works best on both wet and dry surfaces making it very easy to use. The machine id very easy to handle and keep clean. Thus there would be no worry of extra body hair any more. Just switch of the gadget and let it work the magic.

Key features:
  • It removes skin for you hair within 10 minutes.
  • It works best for sensitive areas like bikini line, underarm and face.
  • It is rated 4.4 out of 5 by Amazon.in users.

Author’s opinion: In my personal experience, a friend of mine recommended this to me as according to her this is best epilator for bikini area in India.

Check out this cool gadget with the link below:

Best Epilator For Women In India

#3. Braun cordless epilator with attachments

The most important feature that makes this device the best epilator in India is it being completely water proof. So you can use it with warm water or in the shower with out any hassle and worry. It gives you seven different attachment to make the hair removing experience completely pain-free. You will fall in love with your smooth skin after the hair removal as this device works so precisely and with precision. It’s very easy to handle and keep clean. And it gives you silky smooth skin without any pain and hardship.

Key features:
  • It is one of the best epilator for bikini area in India.
  • It removes thinnest hair up to 0.5mm.
  • It works like a charm on all parts of your body hair.
  • There is no other product than Braun cordless epilator that is perfect in removing short hair.
  • It gives you a completely pain free experience while removing hair.
  • It comes with specially designed equipments like sensitive area cap, efficiency cap, a shaver head, a facial cap, high frequency massage cap and a trimmer cap. You’ll not find any other epilator providing all of these important elements.

Follow the link below to take a glance at this amazing product:

Best epilator for women in india

#4. Nova sensi hair epilator

This device is designed specifically for removal of facial hair. The most toughest to have removed in the parlour is a facial hair as it is very painful process. But this epilator provides maximum hair removal of even the tinniest and the trickiest hair upto 0.02 mm which cannot be removed using wax. With perfect hair removal leaving a beautiful and smooth skin is the advantage of this product. It’s completely battery operated and can be easily carried along in your purse in case of emergency trimming session.

Key features:
  • It is battery operated.
  • It removes thickest hair upto 0.02 mm.

Have a look at this amazing product which is one of the best epilator in India using the link given below:

Best epilator in india

#5. Veet touch trimmer – Ideal for sensitive areas

This product comes from the makers of best hair removing products. Veet has established itself among the premium range of products. It’s meant for giving a painless experience to the user and it trims the hair as if it wasn’t there in the first place. Very easy to use and handle. Has a very ergonomic design and grip which makes it easy to remove hair from the trickiest spots on the body. Sleek and slim structure of the device makes it very stylish and portable too. It’s probably one of the best epilator for bikini area in India. The reason why we say this is because this products is rated 4 out of 5 by Amazon.in users. Another reason is that 2 of my friends have been using this and have recommended this as the best epilator for bikini area in India.

Key features:
  • It’s ideal for under arms and facial usage.
  • It can be used for bikini line too.

For more information check out the product using the link below –

Best epilator for bikini area in India

Now you know the best epilator for women in India. Let me give you few tips on using this so you don’t have to struggle hard. Here comes the tips to use epilator that you must know.

Tips to use an epilator effectively

  • Do not hold the epilator too close to the skin or apply excessive pressure this might cause harm to the skin. Hold gently and circulate the device.
  • Always hold on to the skin making it taut and move the epilator in the direction of growth of hair. Opposite direction might lead to a painful process.
  • Dry epilation works best. Gives you more coverage of hair in less time and a deeper level of cleaning but can be a bit painful. Whereas wet epilation is painless but takes more time and doesn’t provide smoother skin in the first go.
  • Always keep moisturise and astringent handy for application after the hair removal to avoid development of black spots.
  • After use sterilise the blade head to avoid infection during second use.

Author’s Opinion

So folks if you were wondering which is the best epilator in India take a look at all of the above listed products on amazon.in and do let us know which product gave you the best results and how did they work for you. Epilators are definitely a boon during this pandemic era. So stay safe at home and enjoy salon smooth finish skin using these best epilators available online. If you have any tips regarding the use of epilators do drop in a comment and leave a review of the products that you have used and we’ll get back to you.

Happy shopping ladies!

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