5 Best Nebulizer In India – Choose From The Only Top Options!

Times of rains and winter can be difficult on the kids especially if they suffer from asthma since childhood. Taking medication that can be relieving to their symptoms can be hectic and uncomfortable to them. The best way to relieve the congestion in the chest is through nebulization. Chest congestion has been reported by Covid patients too. While treating doctors of many Covid patients have recommended the use of Nebulizer to them. There are a lot of confusion and questions around nebulizers. So this article will give you answers to all of these questions while telling you about the best nebulizer in India.

  • What is a nebulizer?
  • How to use a nebulizer?
  • Is it safe for my kid?
  • How to clean a nebulizer?
  • Which are the best Nebulizer in India?

What is a Nebulizer?

If your child is diagnosed with asthma, your doctor may have prescribed a nebulizer as treatment or breathing therapy. This device delivers the same types of medication as metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), which you may be familiar as a pocket-sized inhalers. Nebulizers are known to  be easier to use than MDIs, especially when it comes to children who aren’t old enough to properly use inhalers.

A nebulizer machine converts the liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your asthma. There are two types of them which are electric or battery-run versions. Both are made up of a base that holds an air compressor, a small box kind of holding port for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects the air compressor to the medicine port. Above the medicine port  is a mask you use to inhale the mist.

How do I use it?

Your doctor will guide you how often can you use the nebulizer. It is advisable that you must go through the instructions manual that you get along the nebulizer. These instructions are the best way to know how to operate the product. However, these is a usual practice on how to use it. Here are some steps that’ll help you get through:

Here are few  instructions on how to use a nebulizer:

  • Put the base part of the device on a flat surface where it can safely reach an outlet.
  • Make sure all the pieces are clean.
  • Keep your hands clean or sanitised before prepping the medication.
  • If your medication is premixed, place it in the port.
  • Connect the tube to the base device and the liquid container.
  • Attach the mask.
  • Turn on the device and check to see that the nebulizer is misting.
  • Wear a mast on your nose covering your mouth so tightly that there no gaps left.
  • Slowly breath in and out until the medicine is completely over.
  • Keep the liquid port  upright throughout the treatment.

How do I clean and care for it?

The nebulizer should be cleaned after each use and disinfected or sanitised after every treatment session. Make sure that you always breath clean vapour from the nebulizer. If the machine is not cleaned properly, bacteria and other germs could grow inside it. Follow the instructions your healthcare provider has given you for cleaning and disinfecting, to make sure that you’re not breathing harmful germs.

The tubing must be replaced regularly, since it is however not possible to completely clean the inside of the tubing. Your healthcare provider should explain how often you must change the tubing.

Which are the Best Nebulizer In India ?

#1. Omron ultra compact Nebulizer

Omron is well known for their health care products. So the device comes from a very trusted brand. It’s very user friendly and doesn’t create any fuss. Effective nebulization in short period of time is the added benefit of the device. It’s solid compressor gives optimum working with very minimal to no noise at all. Easy to clean device with user friendly plastic material.

Key feature: It’s ideal for both for adult and children.

Check out the product using the link below:

Best Nebulizer In India

#2. Dr. Trust nebulizer machine kit

It’s a very trusted and famous brand from the USA. The device comes with two masks and a mouth piece to which makes it easier to use without any discomfort. The nebulizer machine gives optimum medice reach in a lesser amount of time. It also has a flow adjuster which is meant to meet your comfort and the kids can have effective relief. Pocket friendly and affordable price makes it a very buy.

Key feature: This one is ideal for all ages.

Check out the product here:

Best Nebulizer In India

#3. Ambitech compressor nebulizer machine kit

The trips to the doctor’s office just for the nebulizer makes things a bit hectic. This device can be a solution to your problems. With minimal amount to spare and good results this device is a very good choice for a consumer. It meets all the needs of the customer while being very affordable. The device is provided with a disposable mask it that can be bought from any pharma. Take a look at the product and it’s positive review using this amazon link.

Best Nebulizer In India

#4. Dr. Morpen compressor Nebulizer kit

Dr morpen brings to you all kinds of medical devices which are affordable and are really very easy to use. The nebulizer medice port and the compressor are very impressive and can be used by any normal lay man. With quality comes the trust and this company has been serving the consumer with worthy and trusted products for years. Check out the product here –

Best Nebulizer In India

#5. Philips compressor nebulizer –

This product comes from the kings of the electrical gadgets. Very durable and safe products which are even affordable for every one. They assure treatment in 6 minutes with effective relief to the patient. This device is user friendly and portable device that can be easily carried along. Check out the product using the link below –

So folks these are the best nebulizer in India. There are some confusions regarding the nebulization machine. As to whether it can be used as a steam machine the answer is no it cannot be used for that purpose. Can the device be used without the medicine the answer is yet again a no the device cannot function without the medicine. Another common doubt is whether the liquid is provided with the device again the answer is a no, the doctor will prescribe a medicine suitable for you and you need to buy a respule version from the Pharma.

About the use of nebulizer during Covid: One of my relatives was recommended the use of this machine and it somehow worked for her. The lady recovered soon after. As per her doctor, since she had been suffering from both Covid and chest congestion, this treatment helped her in getting rid of the virus from the body. Please keep this in mind that this is not a cure for Covid but just a treatment that worked for a patient. My advise, whatever the situation might be, use it only after discussing it with your doctor.

I hope this solves all the confusion around the device. Do checkout the list of best nebulizer in India and leave us a comment. Hope you or your kid feels good soon.

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