8 Best Baby Walker Below ₹1000 Available In India!

It’s a treat to the eyes and the soul to watch your kids grow. When the first time they crawl or the first time they walk are all treasured moments. Many parents go on a spree to buy all the stuff that would be necessary for the baby even before they are born. That is how eagerly we wait for the little ones. But regarding the products that are available in the market we have a ton of options to choose from and are always left in a dilemma as to what to choose and how. Such a mysterious buy is a baby walker. Starting from the argument of the paediatrician that whether or not the walker is important to choosing  a good walker for your child that is durable and sturdy and wouldn’t let any harm to your little one. So we are going to list down the top best walkers that are below ₹1000, so let’s have a look at baby walker below ₹1000:

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  1. Introduction
  2. Best Baby Walker Below ₹1000
  3. FAQ’s & Myths About Using Baby Walker
  4. Conclusion

Best Baby Walker Below ₹1000

Here’s the list of best baby walker that you can easily get under ₹1000:

#1. Hazel Ride Baby Walker

This a traditional baby walker with a bit of a modern twist. Its round design confirms protection from all sides. It has wheels on all direction which gives a enjoyable ride in all the directions possible. It also has lights and music buttons to play along as the baby walks. Very comfortable material and is foldable too makes storage easy when not in use. Very pocket friendly walker and durable too. This product is manufactured in India so one should be really proud of their purchases.


  • It maintains baby’s security while they learn to walk.
  • It enable compact storage after use.
  • It has musical buttons.
  • It has lights.
  • It’s made with unbreakable material.


  • It helps your baby learn to walk easily.
  • Its comparatively low on pocket.
  • Lights and musical buttons keeps your baby engaged while learning to walk.
  • It’s highly durable and provides comfortable sitting posture to your child.


  • It cannot be used after the age of 1 year.

Check out the item below:

Baby Walker Below 1000

#2. Amardeep Baby Walker

This plastic is walker is made to match some of the top baby walkers in the baby industry with sturdy seating arrangements and good grade plastic this is one of the best options you have for baby walker below 1000. It has attractive colour and design that would definitely attract you baby and your kid wouldn’t have just enough of it. Will definitely give your baby the confidence walk and also to ride the walker all around the house. Unique play toy for the baby’s joy and learning too.


  • It’s made with good grade plastic.
  • It has high gripping seat.
  • It is made with different colour and designs.


  • It is sturdy and convenient to use.
  • It keeps your baby safe while they learn to walk.
  • It is cost effective.


  • It cannot be used after the age of 1 year.

Check out the product here:

Baby Walker Below 1000

#3. Avani Metrobuzz baby walker

This is one of the best reviewed walker under baby walker below 1000 category. It comes at a pocket friendly price range of Rs. 500 – 550. It is a very simple walker that would definitely solve your purpose. It will teach you baby to be confident on their two feet without any help of their adult parents. Very cute and attractive colour with very fun design. Watch your kid roll around the house on this beautiful piece of toy.


  • It’s made with good plastic.
  • It is available in cute attractive designs.


  1. It’ll help your baby learn to walk while being on a safe seat.
  2. The attractive designs and colours keep your baby engaged.
  3. It comes at a very budgeted price.
  4. It’s made in India and can be ordered online.


  • For more details and purchases do check out the product with the link provided below:
Baby Walker Below 1000

#4. First Step Baby Walker

Another marvellous product under baby walker below 1000. This walker too comes within a pocket friendly range of Rs. 500 – 550. Very simple and elegant designs will definitely remind you the walkers that we have used as a baby. The also come with height adjustment knobs so that can be adjusted according to your child’s comfort. Sturdy plastic material will not fold when you baby has a fall or trips while walking. You have a variety of colour and design to choose from.


  • It’s made with good quality plastic material.
  • The design is simple and elegant.


  • Comfortable, sturdy and safe in use for your child’s learning period.
  • It comes in a very budgeted deal price.
  • It can be easily stored anywhere at ease.


  • It’s non foldable.
  • Old style design.

Check out the wide range of products available using the link below –

Baby Walker Below 1000

#5. Joyride Baby Walker

If you are looking for something other than a sitting walker here is a brilliant option for you for baby walker below ₹1000. This walker comes with a sturdy design and handle that your baby can hold while they learn to walk while pushing this walker. The walker can be used once your baby learns to sprint around the house holding the objects. This walker will give them more confident while walking alone and that might progress them to walking without any aid. The walker also has a set of activities too that the baby can stand and play with whilst walking too.


  • It’s made with good quality sturdy material.
  • The design is unique.


  1. It’s comfortable and sturdy.
  2. This one is an activity learning baby walker which helps in learning other areas too.
  3. It’s ideal for babies between at age of 9months – 1.5 months.
  4. This one also comes in a budget deal.
  5. It is compact and can be stored easily.


  • It’s a standing walker.

Check out the product using the amazon link below –

Baby Walker Below 1000

These are the top options of baby walker below ₹1000. You can pick the one you like.

Huge variety of baby products are being introduced these days. Most of these new items increase convenience for parents too. With regard to this a huge range of baby products with handle are also available in the market these days. These are beneficial for parents to control their kids movement and keep them safe too while they learn to walk. So, here’s a list of Baby Walker With Handle Under ₹1000 as well below in case you would like to try this new option.

Baby Walker With Handle Under ₹1000

#1. ODELEE Baby Walker With Handle

It’s one of the most desired baby walker with handle available very easily these days. You can easily handle the movement of you baby using this.


  • It is made with unbreakable material.
  • Its wheels move 360 Degree.
  • It has a cushioned seat.
  • It has a musical tray.


  • The musical tray keeps the baby engaged.
  • The 360 Degree ensures complete safety.
  • It provides comfortable seating.
  • It gives the required grip and provides stability.


  • It comes in only 2 colour options – Pink and Blue.
Best Baby Walker With Handle

#2. Goyal’s Baby Walker With Handle

The design of this baby walker with handle is of a panda face, a cartoon character loved by kids. It made with high fabric unbreakable material.


  • It has 2 position adjustment levels for height.
  • It has safety locks.
  • It has 360 Degree rotating wheels.
  • It is recommended for age: 6 – 18 months.
  • It has high gripping push bar system for effective parental control.
  • It’s got weight capacity of 20 Kgs.


  • It is available in 12 different colour options.
  • It can be used for both boy and girl.
  • It has the electronic musical buttons to keep your baby engaged and learn.
  • It comes with a high gripping parental handle.
  • It is foldable so can be accommodated anywhere.
  • The height of this baby walker can be adjusted.
  • It is completely safe to use.


  • It cannot be used once your baby is above 2 years.
  • Its price range varies between ₹1,000.00 – ₹1,449.00.
Best Baby Walker With Handle

#3. Sunbaby Baby Walker With Handle

Another perfect baby walker with handle which is highly convenient for parents is this one. Its small and compact and you can accommodate it easily at home. It keeps your child safe and comfortable while they learn different set of activities.


  • It is made with premium quality unbreakable material.
  • It has multifunction musical toys.
  • It has 3 position height adjustment system.
  • It is foldable.


  • The multifunction musical toys makes it engaging for kids.
  • It is foldable and can be accommodated anywhere easily.
  • This baby walker helps in making the kids learn various activities while learning to walk.
  • It keeps your child comfortable and safe.
  • It is available in 11 different colour options to choose from.


  • It cannot be used once your kids turn 2 years.
Best Baby Walker With Handle

While using a baby walker is an age old practice, there have been some myths going around, disturbing parentings in taking the right call. I am going to list them all and shall give you reasoning too so you don’t have to think twice while picking this product for your child.

FAQ’s & Myths About Using Baby Walker

  • Question 1: Is it true that spending more time on walker the baby would learn to walk faster?

Answer: This actually not true. According to the American association of paediatric the doctors suggests that if the baby spends lots of time using the walker then would not have delayed development of confidence to walk independent. Thus the time for use of the walker and walking individual should be scheduled properly.

  • Question 2: Is it true that using walker can be hazardous for the child and can damage their sweet memories?

Answer: The fall from the walker is quite possible so the parents must be really very careful while the baby is using the walker. The baby wouldn’t hurt itself while the baby in the walker if the walker is sturdy and safety approved.

  • Question 3: Is it true that using too much walker will lead to the child’s bowing of the leg?

Answer: So to avoid this one must carefully adjust the height of the walker to safely suit your baby’s weight and height. And as mentioned above we must carefully schedule the time period that the baby uses the walker.

  • Question 4: Is it true that the baby wouldn’t start walking unless they learn to crawl and thats why they need to use a walker?

Answer: This is not exactly true some kids just skip the crawling phase and jump direct to standing and independent walking. Thus choosing a walker just to teach your kid to walk is not right. Every child is unique they will learn to walk on their own time. Meanwhile walker can give them a feel how it would be to be on their feet and also it would be a really great play toy.


So folks I hope the above article makes it easier for you to choose a baby walker below 1000 for your baby. Take a look at the all the products using the amazon links and watch your child have a blast using the walker. Also the myths around the walker are many so try not to worry so much into it and focus on your paternal instincts that will show you the right path to glory.

Happy parenting!!

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