Mustela Baby Oil Review – Perfect Massage Oil For Your Baby!

As a parent we always are worried about the products that we use for our little ones. The contents in them, whether they will suit the skin of your baby, are we using it right etc. But among these doubts the most common one is which product to choose for your little one. If you take advice from your family elders they wouldn’t have a perfect answer as there weren’t so many brands available in the market during the times when we were young. So the best option that stands is we as a parent help each other to choose what is right for our babies. That being said we have taken up Mustela baby oil for review today. Let’s see how good is mustela oil for our babies? Where can you buy Mustela oil? And what are the contents in Mustela oil?

Mustela Baby Oil Key Features

  • This Baby Oil is composed of 99% plant-based ingredients that includes natural Pomegranate Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil.
  • This scented oil comes with iconic fragrance of Mustela that is helpful in stimulating all the senses of your child.
  • Properties: It is recommended that you should use this oil for moisturising, soothing and giving pleasurable massage to your child right from their birth. Dry oil for an easy massage.Leaves a protective film on the skin.
  • Composition: It has characteristics of patented & naturally grown avocado oil. This feature is helpful in protecting your child’s natural protective layer of the skin.
  • It also contains protective vegetable oils which acts as an amazing natural moisturiser for the skin.

Direction for use: spray onto your hands then massage the body.

mustela baby oil review

Mustela Oil Review

This product is one of the best positively reviewed products on amazon. The contents and the fragrance of the product is the most talked about topic. How it is non sticky and very aromatic and the babies just love being massaged with them are the words used by the parents. They love how light this oil feels on their hand and on their babies skin. Above all it is so easy to use. It comes in a spray bottle which makes it so easy to handle and has no spillage. So next time of your child just kicks on the bottle that you have forgetfully left on the table during massage there would be no spillage to clean. Doesn’t that feels relieving to hear. The special fragrance of mustela oil is very well known and their products are in such demands because of the fragrance. The light texture of the oil doesn’t harm the baby in any way and can be used at any point of the day on the baby’s skin

The only concerning problem with the product is the price and the availability. It is a bit to pricey for a normal man and can be hard on the pocket. Also it is not available in stores and have to be bought only online on amazon.in. These are the only reasons which the parents are concerned about regarding the oil. Other mustela oil review is almost perfect.

Making the most of Mustela oil.

How To Use Mustela Baby Oil For Better Massage?

Baby massage can be a soothing and relaxing experience for both mother and child. It creates a bind between the two and creates a whole lot of memories. But if you ever wonder when to start the massage and how here is a short solution for your problem.

  • You can start massaging you baby as early as possible when the baby is a few weeks old. All you need to consider before massaging is the mood of the child. They have to be alert, calm and content. Choose a time of the day when the baby is most active and cheerful.
  • Mustela oil is a best product for the massage. Get the baby prepped for massage. The room should be well lit and warm. You can place the baby on the mackintosh sheet for the massage.
  • After the area is set place the baby on the sheet. Spray a few drops of the oil on your palm. Gently rub it on your hand so that the oil gets warm enough to suit the temperature of the baby’s skin.
  • Start from the shoulders. Gently massage the shoulder in circular motion and bring the hand gently down to both the hand of the baby. Avoid apply oil to their palm and fingers. As they might end up putting the hand in the mouth and might end up puking. With each stroke you should try and figure out if your baby is comfortable or not. Avoid any maneuver which makes your baby uncomfortable. The pressure to be applied is also to be perfect.
  • After the arms and the shoulder come to the tummy area. If the tummy is soft and normal then massage it in clock wise motion with minimal pressure. If the stomach is hard you can apply a bit more extra pressure to relive the colic and gases. Using you palm to do this stroke makes the massage easy and comfortable. Try avoiding the use of your fingers that can be poky and painful for the baby.
  • Then comes the lower limb, use a straight stroke here, you can also be d the knee upwards towards the chest while massaging which also relives the gases trapped in the tummy. It also helps to make the baby’s limb strong and the movements easy and flexible. Focus on the sole of the foot. There are major accu pressure points on the sole. It can give a lot of comfort to baby.
  • A good massage can put the baby to immediate sleep which would proved that your massage actually worked. A warm water bath after the massage would mean a very contented and happy baby.

Author’s Opinion

You might wonder that it looks and feels easy to massage a baby but you find it difficult when you actually start to perform it. Do not worry mother, all of us have been through it. No one is perfect and we all love from our experience. So if you have any queries or confusion feel free the post the question in the comments section. Also if you have additional tips for the amazing baby massage do let us know. And you should also give a try to Mustela baby oil and share the mustela baby oil review with your friends too just like how I have done here. Being a doctor too, I have used this oil for my child and also recommend them to my friends. So you too should give it a shot and let us know your experience.

Happy parenting!!

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