Best Portable Washing Machine For Home In India!

Clean clothes are a vital part of living a healthy life. We all love the smell of the freshly washed clothes. But what’s difficult about it is how time consuming and tiring this while process can be. One might have to soak the dirty clothes first to get out the dirt then comes a long tiring process of scrubbing to get the clothes clean. To add up to the mess of you have a toddler or a child at home it increases the lot of dirty clothes even more. Getting it cleaned and dried on time makes things even worse. But what if I tell you that the technology has been so improved that you can have a portable washing machine right near your bathroom or washing area which wouldn’t take up much space and can be even folded away. It can be be used just for your baby’s clothes too. I am going to talk about the various options of portable washing machines India. However, there are many other benefits of a portable washing machine that you might not have known or realised yet. So let me first list down the pros and cons of portable washing machine too.

List Of Best Portable Washing Machine For Home


Portable Washing Machine



Onida Washer Only

Zorzel Mini Washing Machine

DMR Portable Mini Washing

DMR Portable Handy Washing Machine 

Yagviz Mini Washing Machine Portable

Pros Of Portable Washing Machine

  • It can be accommodated in small spaces

People living in small apartments would realise the importance of a portable washing machine, although the machine is beneficial for people with big houses too. But for small spaces, these machines can be easily fit into narrow areas. Some people especially moms don’t buy washing machines because of space constrains and with handing the baby, it’s just not possible for them to wash clothes. For this set of people, these portable washing machines in India are a blessing.

  • It’s perfect to take along on trips

Clean clothes are needed everywhere, wether you are at home or are going out on a trip with family. Sometimes it’s difficult to carry loads of bags full of clothes along. Here comes the need of handy washing machines. And the benefit doubles when you have toddle to carry along. You can’t even count how many clothes they might be need. So taking the machine solves your purpose and reduce your hassles of washing to a much greater extent.

  • It’s cost effective

Of course it’s low on pocket. The price of these machines is way lower than normal washing machines. If you are on a trip and are planning to get your clothes cleaned through laundry, a portable machine would make reduce your budget to many levels.

Cons Of Portable Washing Machine

Only disadvantage of portable washing machine is that it comes in limited quantity which is needed if you need to wash more clothes in one go.

Best Portable Washing Machine In India

Here are some of the best portable washing machines available in India.

#1. Washer Only Washing Machine By Onida

Are you always worried about the fact that no matter how much detergent you use or efforts you put into scrubbing your clothes never seem to get cleaned. Along with this you struggle to buy an actually huge washing machine due to lack of space or cringe in water supply. So Onida brings an answer to your problems. This 6.5 kg capacity portable washing machine has a very powerful motor that gets your clothes clean in no time while being of a size that is just right. It comes with an anti rust metal coating which makes it a longer lasting product. So this portable washing machine India gets your job done in no time without any hassle and comes in a very pocket friendly range too.


  1. It comes in 6.5 kg capacity.
  2. It is washer only machine.
  3. It can be easily accommodated anywhere in the house.

Here is the link for the product do check it out –

Best Portable Washing Machine For Home

#2. Zorzel Mini Washing Machine

If you are looking for a mini size portable washing machine that would fit your budget too then this is a very good option for you. You can always carry this machine along in the travel too. It’s best to wash your delicate under garments as well as the babies clothes can be washed clean in them. It uses ultrasonic technology to wash the clothes which gives it a clean shine without the hassle of having to scrub them or loosing the delicacy of the clothing in just a few washes. It is built in such a way as to fit the convenience of the consumer and thus can be folded and stored in a very small place.


  1. This one is a foldable washing machine.
  2. It can be accommodated easily.

Check out the product using the link below:

Best Portable Washing Machine

#3. DMR Portable Machine

So you thinking of buying a machine just to wash your babies clothes? Or are you a bachelor who just had a over a pair of clothes to wash daily. Also you don’t have the time to soak and scrub them. Then this is the best portable washing machine India. It gives you the comfort and convenience of a washing machine while not consuming the space and time that a huge washing machine requires. It’s a semi automatic washing machine with a transparent lid so you can check on your clothes while they get cleaned. The size is just over the size of an average bucket so fits perfectly even inside the bathroom. Dryer helps you get your clothes dry in no time.


  1. It comes with drier basket of 3 kg capacity.
  2. It can fit anywhere in the house.

Do check out the product on amazon.in using the link provided below –

Best Portable Washing Machine For Home

#3. DMR portable handy washing machine

Have ever wonder can I put my washing machine in the bag and carry it along where ever I go so that I shouldn’t have to search for a laundry or a cleaning place to get my clothes washed like at home. Well, your wish might have come true. This handy portable washing machine is a god send. Just plug it in and leave it in the tub of clothes with water and soap and see the magic of the machine. Your clothes are sparkly new in no time. It saves a lot of water, detergent and electricity. Works best for kids clothes and light clothes that you sure do need get washed daily.

with 2 kg capacity

Check out the product here –

Best Portable Washing Machine For Home

#5. Yagnik mini washing machine portable with USB

This is yet another portable washing machine India with a compact design and excellent features that just gets your job done of washing clothes within a short time without any worries. Do you go on business trips often and not sure about washing your clothes while at work so let this mini portable washing machine do it’s job while your busy at your work. It has a USB port to charge and work so no worries about getting it ready all the time. Best suited for business trips, hostel rooms, babies clothes, etc the usage limit of infinite you just have to think about it. It uses the ultrasonic method of working so gives you clean clothes in no time while saving your electricity and water. Do not want to invest a lot on a huge washing machine then this is the best choice for you. For further details and coating check out the product with the link provided below –

Best Portable Washing Machine For Home

How to clean portable washing machine?

Cleaning the washing machine is important so it can clean your clothes well. Little particles or residues are likely to get stuck in the machine. You need to remove it manually.

  1. Just scratch it by your hand.
  2. If its residue is hard to clean, use water.
  3. If you are still not able to remove it, then use hot water and a scrub to remove the residue completely.

The best way to get clean clothes are keep using the cleaning process to remove residues. So when you get a portable washing machine India, make sure to keep it clean and maintain hygiene of your family.

Author’s Opinion

So folks, washing machines have made our lives a bit easier. We parents know the hassle of having a small kid or a toddler at home. Before you get the old soiled clothes washed there would be a new set of soiled clothes ready. We might wonder whether to wash clothes or get to your baby. Let these portable travel friendly washing machines do their jobs while you enjoy your babies childhood. Check out all the products under portable washing machine India and do leave us a comment on how they worked for you. If you have any suggestions on portable washing machine do comment on them too.

Happy buying & happy parenting to you!!

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