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10 Confessions By Young Adults Giving A Chance To Rectify Your Parenting Mistakes!

parenting mistakes

Who doesn’t want Happy parenting? Every parent wants to do the best for their kids. Yet parenting mistakes are bound to happen. You don’t do anything intentionally but still few things happen. And the sad part is that your kids might not be even telling you what’s going wrong with them. However, there are other ways to find out solutions to your parenting mistakes so you could help your kids get through their childhood problems. In order to help parents, we did a small survey on a social platform asking young adults about their opinions on how their parents raised them and if there was anything they could have done differently. You won’t believe the kind of responses we got. Check them out:

1. I wish my mom let me wax when I was in 6th class. I would have felt little less humiliated.

2. I wish my dad didn’t scold me so much when I came back after playing in evening. I remember even if was late for 5 minutes I’ll be asked to stand and wait for an hour. Now this makes me stay so much away from my dad that I can’t think about seeing him often.

3. My mom always loved my brother more than me and I am married yet nothing’s changed. I wish she could show some what more love towards me.

4. I never liked what mom cooked since she cooked whatever she wanted without asking anyone opinion and now when I prefer eating out she complains. Couldn’t she have simply asked me and cooked meals as per what I wanted to eat? Things would have been different.

5. I was forced to get married at 24. 24 is a young age and people have very limited maturity. My parent’s couldn’t understand this and kept forcing me. I was not in love but the most recent person who had proposed me, I got married to him and 13 years years of marriage now and I regret every second.

6.  My mom never discussed about periods with me. I cannot explain the problems I faced and there’s no one to find a solution.

7. My cousin brother tried taking advantage of me 4 times and I couldn’t have talk to my parents about it. I cannot forget those days.

8. My dad scolded my mom always and every time they argued I locked myself in the room. They thought I was giving them space. Rather I would go and cry to my pillow. No one asked me if it was bothering me.

9. I was fatty since childhood and was bullied by my friends in school but my parents never took notice of this until I decided to make some changes.

10. I had a boyfriend when I was 13, almost everyone has but I was never allowed to have one or discuss about this with my parents but my friends mom was cool and we used to tell her everything. I wish my mom was cool too so I didn’t have to talk to someone else’s mom and discuss my problems.


Some parents think that whatever they are doing is right. But it’s no true. For once if you think from your child’s perspective and understand how the world is changing around them, you’ll realise that you are not completely right. 

The reason behind doing the above survey was to make new parents aware about real life difficulties of childhood highlighting parenting mistakes and help them to modify their parenting styles so their kids don’t have to face what these young adults faced during their childhood.

How to rectify parenting mistakes?

You might pick up parenting books, read various articles online or do whatever but the fact is that there’s no rule book for parenting that can give answers to your every situation. If you want to rectify your parenting mistakes, one big solution is to listen to your child always, take note of their problems and provide them solutions.

Below we have listed down some happy parenting tips that could help you deal with your kids right:

  1. Create a free atmosphere at home.
  2. Avoid putting unnecessary restrictions.
  3. Listen to their issues and provide solutions.
  4. Talk on topics relating to your problems at work.

All of these above happy parenting tips will give them openness at home and they’ll feel free to talk about their problems. Discussion is your key to Happy parenting. If you are discussing and talking with your kids, you’ll always stay connected with them.

Now go ahead, Happy Parenting To YOU!

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