New Stay At Home Mom Shares Home Remedies On Child Care

The best medicine for all ailments for kids is always one which is safe and fast to acquire. What could be greater than a new stay at home mom ready with all the tricks and techniques which are totally home made for all the little needs of the baby. Few informative and knowledgeable advices was given to me by a new stay at home mom. Here they are:

Hing oil (asafoetida) helps in relieving gas & colic in babies

Colic is one of the greatest reason for a crying and fussy baby. The little tummy of theirs tries to adjust to the feed that we provide but sometimes it becomes difficult for them to digest it. If mother has had something heavier in her diet, it affects the baby. Apart from that during the act of breastfeeding or bottle feeding the kids take in lot of air or gases along. Excessive crying can also lead to colic. Thus, a new stay at home mom suggests a very easy and effective way to reduce it which is using hing oil (asafoetida) or simply powder a pinch of it and make it into a fine paste and apply it on the babies tummy. It immediately relieves the pain and the bloating happening because of gases.

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Use of mustard oil can prevent cough & cold

Mustard oil has been an age old technique to reduce the cough and cold symptoms in the body. Few days back my baby suffered from severe cough and cold. I tried a lot of methods to reduce them, kept her warm, tried baby vicks, but at last I thought there is no other option but to opt for medicines. And one of my friends who is a new stay at home mom advices me to give mustard oil a try. She just told me to massage my baby with warm mustard oil and let it work it’s magic. Believe me or not my baby’s three days of suffering just vanished in few hours. It is very much useful and has no side effects I still thank her having shared that piece of advice with me.

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Rub Sesame oil on fingers of your teething baby

Teething is most frustrating and agonising milestone for some babies. They may be fussy and cry for days together till the tooth erupts out. They start drooling a lot which might cause rashes on their cheeks. Also they start to introduce a lot of things to their mouth, they chew their toys, the blanket which they are laid on is chewed anything which in the reach of their hand reaches their mouth. This also leads to upset tummy and far more irritable baby. A new stay at home mom once told me her struggle through this problem and after having experimenting different methods she came to a conclusion of that sesame oil is the best remedy for it. You just got to take some oil in the pointing finger of your hand and massage it on the baby’s sore gums. Within a few seconds you will find a happy and calm baby. Also, one can also use a clean towel which is chilled in the refrigerator not frozen to massage the gums.


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Cucumber slice treats swelling in different parts

Baby’s are clumsy and bumpy, you would just take your eyes off them for a second & they would crash themselves to the couch. Surprisingly throughout their learning process of walking, sitting, rolling or for that matter any milestone that they achieve they go through a lot of bumping, falling and still they stand up to repeat the whole process all over again. That’s the spirit of the baby. So to support this string spirit of the baby, a new stay at home mom always uses a cucumber slice to the injured part which might now be swollen. It cannot be used on open wounds but rarely a baby acquires an open wound. The cooling effect of the cucumber helps with swelling and also calms the baby. It can be used on any part of the body without worrying of it side effects.

So, these were some useful tips and home remedies given by a new stay at home mom which works like a charm every time I use them. Please do try them and help your baby grow healthy and safe from chemicals. But also do note that if you think the condition of the baby is serious or you are unable to decipher what is wrong with the baby do not waste time in researching and experimenting just take the baby to the doctor.

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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