Little Piece Of Advice For New Mom

Little moments and little memories make a perfect life, similarly small pieces of advice for new moms always helps them through the big task of motherhood. Advice is something that might help the mother with the confusion of decision regarding various tasks, but it is just a like crutch the main decision should always be taken by the mother with the

The real advice for new mom:

It’s very common for mother’s to get advices from everyone she comes across, like why is the baby without a jacket or sweater it’s very cold outside, or why is the child with sweater it’s so hot outside. In short no matter what you do it’s never ever enough for them. So always remember mother’s instinct is what matters. Sometimes new mother may not be knowing what exactly to do in some circumstances, like whether or not bottle feeding is good for the baby. In such situations advice to the new moms would be ask for help, but not to anyone but your paediatrician is the best person for all your doubts.

Why does my baby get upset very often?

There are three basic reasons for a cranky upset baby, either he is hungry or he has a wet clothing or diaper, or is facing colic or stomach gas. So my advice to all the new moms out there is to look for the signs, if he is frequently his hand in his mouth probably he is hungry. Also check him for overloaded diaper. Lastly, let him have a good burp after every feed. Put him on your shoulder or holding him in sitting position pat him for at-least 15 minutes. A good burp avoids colic, gives a good and long sleep, keeps your baby happy.

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The infinite doubts about your baby’s growth!

As a mother and also as a doctor my little piece of advice to new moms is that don’t get too anxious. All the fruits hanging from a tree are not same, they take different time to ripe. Similarly every baby is different, never compare your baby with others. The weight, height, milestones etc mentioned on the internet is just approximate values. There is no hard and fast rule about the number being exactly same. Being a mother of a primie, I too used to doubt about these things but after a researching a lot and seeing my baby growing healthy and hearty I am just satisfied with it. So don’t worry, it might sometimes be late or early, everything will happen in due course of time.

Whether or not diapers are good for babies!

My advice for the new moms on this aspect is diapers are not totally bad for a baby, unless and untill u keep changing it every four to five hours it’s good. Now, which is the best brand for it? Judge depending on the baby’s skin accommodation. Some mothers may find pampers suit their baby best, other may find Huggies suits best. I know experimenting is little risky so just buy a pack of four to five diapers, use it for a couple of days. Rather than blindly believing someone’s advice it’s better check it for yourself. Also there are options of using re- usable cloth diapers, if you are willing to wash the diaper and inserts then it’s a good option too.

Is screen time good?

Screen time is not recommended for babies below the age of 18 months, this data is according to the information provided by American Academy of paediatrics. Also, after the said age screen time should be allowed but the parents must set a time limit. Also l, my advice to new moms is that involve yourself in the screen time than just handing over the gadget to your child. Choose from educational games or quiz which both the child and the parents can indulge themselves in.

Is travelling with babies safe?

A baby need constant attention, be it for feeding or for diaper changes which may be a messy job during travel. Also, we might feel that baby would catch cold during  travel. But post 3-4 months the baby’s immunity is quite developed and he can travel for shorter distances. My advice to new moms is that do not panic, just keep all the baby essentials handy and be ready for any kind of needs the baby would have. (Emergency kit, food, toys, car seat, clothing etc.). Just enjoy the time, because once the baby gets older and starts fidgeting around traveling would be a far bigger challenge.

Little baby tell me how,

For all your needs mama will bow.

Let’s be one and we will grow,

And push my anxiety and sadness I will throw.

Just always be a smiley little angel.

I will never let your face to have even a wrinkle.!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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