13 Cute Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

Pregnancy is the most mesmerising and memorable period in a women’s life. Cute little gestures of people around the lady will make it even more happier for her. Just pulling a chair for her if you see her stand for long, offering her a hand to carry her bags, a glass of water when she looks drenched. These doesn’t sound like gifts for her but trust me she would adore these act of yours like a gift. Apart from these there are few ideas that can be used as pregnancy gift for first time moms.

A customised photo frame

After delivery the woman would miss the most is the time when she was pregnant, and what best to evoke the memory than a frame that tells her tale. One can compile the photos of the mommy from every month of her pregnancy and frame it together to form a nice pregnancy gift for first time moms. It also can consist of emotional photos with her expressions of first kick, growing baby bump, reaction of the baby to mother’s voice etc.

Photo frame for mom

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A baby scrap book

We can give a handmade or customised scrap book for the baby as pregnancy gift for first time mom. It can be filled with some interesting baby facts, milestones that the baby would achieve every month and a space to be provided to coincide with the milestone. Also, it can also contain informative data about child care for every month that might be useful for the mother.

Baby scrapbook

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Couple t-shirts

There is whole lot of range of pregnancy t- shirts to choose from as a couple, there are some funny and interesting quotes that a mother would love to have on her clothing. Best dad, best mom, cute baby combo or king, queen and princess combo. There is an amazing collection of these on amazon. It could be a good pregnancy gift for first time moms who love to be fashionable and trendy, by the way doesn’t love being them.

Couple tshirts

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Body pillows

We can also think of some product that would make her sleep cycle more comfortable. As during pregnancy falling as sleep is difficult but staying asleep is far more difficult. Thus, the mommy needs to find a perfect position to sleep but even so ends up waking every hour to turn because some or the other muscle would start hurting. What is more apt for relaxing than a pillow and imagine if you have a pillow for the whole body, even the thought of it makes you so peaceful. So today as a pregnancy gift for first time moms I am also putting in a body pillow.

Body Pillow

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Self care kit

We can compile a kit of our own or choose from the mommy kits available in the market. It can include bathing salts that would help relax her body, stretch marks cream to keep her skin moisturised, nourishing oil to reduce hair fall etc., It’s always best to give a pregnancy gift for a first time mom which relates to her and caters her needs.

Self care kit for moms

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Diaper supplies for a whole month

A whole month doesn’t sound much but trust me when it comes to babies diaper change a whole months supply means a lot, and a mother would definitely appreciate it but considering the fact the you gift her the best diaper there is because she wouldn’t compromise on her babies health. So anything pertaining a baby’s need also can be a good pregnancy gift for first time mom.

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers, Medium

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Lots of baby pictures framed or in posters

I have heard many people say a happy mommy births a happy baby. So in order to keep the mommy happy around the clock a smiling baby picture all over her room seems quite an idea. From the moment she wakes to the time she sleeps she would be surrounded by baby smiles. What a cheerful way to start a day.

Baby pictures framed

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A knitting set with instruction manual

A mommy would love to welcome her little one in the world with something hand made by her for her baby. What’s best than a cute little sock or a cap knitted from scratch by mommy. A thoughtful pregnancy gift for new mom is one that involves her time working for the baby.

Knitting set with manual

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Baby and mommy books

Books are man’s and of course woman’s best friend. It can resolve all the queries and doubts, and help you through the journey of your pregnancy. And when it comes to queries you would definitely have a tons of them and a book could solve everything for you.

baby mommy books

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Foot massager

Body relaxation is a key to happy pregnancy, and the greatest method to relax your body next to a warm water bath is a soothing foot massage. Foot has all the important acupressure points of the point and helps with health of your vital organs and additional advantage is it calms your body totally. A relaxing foot massage at the comfort of your house, best idea ever.

Foot massager for moms

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Baby bag

A baby bag is a must have once the baby is born, an outing with the baby without a baby bag is unimaginable. It is required to hold the baby’s food, diaper, clothing and every other essential good necessary for him. So a baby bag as a pregnancy gift for first time moms is a always a thumbs up.

Maternity bag

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Maternity wear

Pregnancy changes can be overwhelming for some mothers and the stress could take them down. The increasing weight, stretch marks, pigmentation on the skin can cause reduced self esteem. There always a need to boost it and can be done with a pretty adorable dress that is meant only for her and her pregnant body. It will make her appreciate herself and show her how beautiful she is.

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Breast pumps

It also comes under useful gifts post pregnancy category. Breast pumps can be a true helping hand to a mother in various scenarios. It will not only take care of her needs but also avoid certain problems that she might face pertaining breastfeeding. So it would be very thoughtful of you if you decide to gift her a breast pump.

Breast pumps

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Hope this list throws some light in the direction of pregnancy gifting for first time moms

Happy gifting folks!!!


Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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