6 Reasons Why Moms Must Switch To Front Zip Kurtas For Feeding

Breastfeeding is the most important and integral part of mothering. And no matter how many months old your baby gets one cannot predict the exact moment when your baby would get hungry and want to feed. During such circumstances the mother must be prepared for the same and what is better than an apparel made just for situations like this. Yes I am talking about front zip kurtas for feeding, and here are some reason why they absolutely awesome:

Comfortable and convenient during breastfeeding

When it comes to comfort wear post pregnancy many of us prefer wearing a simple kurta pairing it with a leggings, it’s a very common choice of many women. The kurta thus is comfortable and the front zipper for feeding adds to the convenient factor. The baby will only feed properly only when the mother is comfortable. So with this type of kurtas it becomes easy for the mom to be ready for the baby’s feeding needs easily.

Invisible zippers make life simple

When it comes to our wardrobe we always focus on looking trendy and also the clothing should fulfil our needs. Thus a front zipped kurta for feeding which comes in a design that blends amazingly with the cut work of the clothing that the zipper totally becomes invisible and just looks like a normal kurta that anyone would wear.

Ample of options are available

Earlier maternity wear was restricted to having only a few options in hand with very less design and colour to choose from. But now the maternity clothing section everywhere be it be inline or in the malls we see a booming range of variety to choose from. So when we have lot of options in the clothing section for women why not choose something that is trendy and convenient, and front zipper kurta for feeding serves the purpose.

Here are some designs available online:


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Safe for engorged breast

The front zip kurtas have a lot of space in the chest region owing to the front zipper for feeding. Thus, even if you are wearing a nursing bra with padding to absorb the excess milk the kurta won’t make you feel bulked up or uncomfortable. As it is meant for such situations the kurta can easily blend in such situations, so it can hold your engorged breasts, padding and the bra together and one wouldn’t even know. And when you get the pains due to breast engorgement you can easily pump out the excess milk without having to undress completely in the washroom

Goes with all

Because of its design like a normal kurta it can be paired with anything and everything, from a nursing scarf to a poncho or a simple elegant duppata will do the trick. A front zipped kurta for feeding is so much so like a normal kurta so you don’t need to worry about buying special clothing to go with it. Any dupatta that matches its colour or any scarf that you feel comfortable with can be worn.

Modifiable and affordable

Sometimes we feel we have spent so much on the maternity wear that post this breastfeeding phase we won’t be able to even sneak a peek at the dresses let alone wearing them. But as the zipper of the front feeding kurtas are absolutely invisible one can definitely get rid of the zipper once the nursing period is over and the kurta can be still used. Thus, you don’t have to get rid of your favourite kurta anymore not do you have to wear the zipper of you do not want it anymore.

So ladies I hope this list helps you choose a better and comfortable wear for your most beautiful phase in life, the bond that you create with your kid anywhere may it be at your house or some place outside, shouldn’t be hindered by any messy situation. Thus, avoiding all the mess choose what is best and convenient for you and your little one.

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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