Little Piece Of Advice For Mom To Be From A Mom Already

Soon the journey of pregnancy will come to an end and you would have your little angel in your arms. You have been waiting for this moment for so long now. One would have anticipated how the first glance would be. But no matter how much we would get nervous the moment would definitely be special. Here is a few tips and advice for new moms to prepare them for the special day

Trust you doctor

Everyone of has a set idea about how our delivery would be, we would have discussed it with our doctor about benefits of natural birth, c- section etc,. But sometimes it so happens that the doctors hands are tied and he has to be hasty to take decision for the well being of the mother and the baby. So my advice to mom to be is always trust your doctor. You have spent almost 9 months knowing the doctor and he wouldn’t force you with any decision if it’s not totally necessary. Even if you opt to go on with a new doctor and a hospital they will definitely suggest any form of treatment after the investigation only. I owe my daughter’s life to my doctor. I was diagnosed with increased BP and my kidneys started to give way, but it was his decision at the right time to put me under c – section that saved my baby.

Be prepared for the D day

The expected due date given by the doctor is always approximate. The day may be few days ahead or behind. Thus, as you come close to it start preparing for the day. My advice for moms to be is keep your calm, keep your partner and relatives anyone who can approach you on time on speed dial. Also keep the baby bag ready, trust me at the exact moment our mind wouldn’t think straight.

Keep yourself active

At the end stages our body might start getting tired very often, we wouldn’t feel like doing anything. But the more mobile you are the faster will your body recover after the delivery. Keep practicing kegels exercises that would help a lot before and after delivery. If you feel it difficult to exercise, at least head for small walks, ask your partner or someone to tag alone. Most important advice of all for new moms is keep your mind calm and under control. It is very easy to catch on anxiety at this stage. It is very important to spend peace time, listen to music with your baby, talk to your baby, enjoy these moments and create memories.

Be cautious about your diet and supplements

The food that you eat, as well as the calcium, b complex tablets, iron supplements that you take are very much essential till the last week. Once you deliver your baby these supplements would help you stand back on your feet asap. It is also very much necessary for your babies development. Never miss the supplements and the tetanus injection that your doctor suggests. They do not cause any harm to your baby. Remember my advice for new mom to be is our body requires a lot more amount of these nutrients that we ever imagined in our life. It prevents back pain, hair fall, skin pigmentation to some extent.

Last but not the least do not suppress your desires, when you are pregnant our body craves for a lot of things, different food, visiting certain places etc, if your doctor permits my advice for new moms is go ahead fulfil them. Because once your baby comes to the world your life will take a major turn and that’s for good. But we will forget all about ourselves and then the world will revolve around the baby.

I hope these advices helps you through the pregnancy phase. Be cheerful and happy always.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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