Things A New Stay At Home Mom Can Do To Kill Time

Life takes a major twist, for good after a baby comes into our lives. Every single routine or hobby or habit gets modified and we enjoy it. Everything in our life now starts revolving around the baby, their needs, likes and dislikes. And many of us choose to become new stay at home mom with our babies to be there to cater for her need. For some staying at home as a new mother would be difficult as they would have quit their jobs or taken off from them, or for women who were already a home maker also for them too this is a whole new area of challenge. Here today I am going to share a few engaging yet cheerful way to cut through your time when you are at home and the baby is asleep

Trying to pull your creative streak

Many of us love to shop for our little one, new dresses, new shoes, head gear etc. Ever thought how satisfying it would be if we ourselves could make something for our babies, that would be a memory for them for long. It could be a perfect task for a new stay at home mom. You can do anything like simple embroidery on the shirt or frock, a handmade hair band, or a self-knit sweater or a cap anything. If you feel you are new to this there is lot of help available online, many sites help you to learn the art step by step. But this would make staying at home for new moms a lot more fun.

Enjoy me time

Now is the time to catch up on the workout that you have been missing for several months now, ones your baby turns three month, you can enter the whole work out session. The tummy needs to be toned again. The body needs a lots of relaxation. So you can combine your workout session with meditation or simple walks, one can do pilates for their core muscle strengthening, it’s a proven way to reduce your belly and also to get rid of your back and shoulder pains. Also yoga helps a lot too, one can learn pranayama to relax the body and surya namaskar for toning the body.

Getting well acquainted with literature

Being a new stay at home mom gives you the chance to built up your skills were ever you lack in your parenting goals. You might be confused about your baby’s weight and her development, or what to feed her ones she turns six months, or what to do and what not to for the baby. All these information can be gathered through many books online online. Parenting is an art that can be mastered only with experience but a little help will always be provided by our ancestors and their knowledge which have been penned down through books for centuries.

Get literature books online

Try traveling with your kid

Sounds strange? The latest trends say that women nowadays prefer traveling more than anything else and love to take their kids along. This might not be a good idea for everyone but some stay at home moms are trying this idea where they pack the bags of essentials for kids & travel with kids.

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Being an entrepreneur

If you really get stressed about how to deal with the growing economy and the fact that you are a new stay at home mother, there are a lots of work that you can be doing from home. That would definitely help you kill some time as well as help you build a stable income. There are options like typing job, or online classes, or selling products online the list is endless. So one juts need to choose their area of interest and the sky id their limit.

Making a journal

The most relaxing spare time work that I always love to do is update on my scrap book. I know making an album or storing all the baby photos on Google keeps them forever, but nothing beats a cute little scrap book made for your little one to be given on their birthday when they grow. It can contain the impressions of their little hand and feet, the tab that you had on your hand when you were at the hospital, the first baby picture, the alphabet they wrote, etc, as interesting as it sounds, it will give you a lot of joy when you start doing it.

Stay at home can be made lot of fun,

Lot of things to do lots to get done,

So put on your saddle and get ready for the ride,

Keep all your anxiety and boredom aside.!!!!



Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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