5 Tips For New Parents To Take Their Stress Away

Parenting is like sailing a boat, all you need is team efforts and all the sails to be in place, but still the wind takes its own way. So your team consists of you and your partner, all the amenities necessary falls for the sails but like the wind the baby goes its own way. Anyways here are some tricks and tips for new parents that might come quite in handy when you are having a tough day with your little one.

The little baby bag

Whenever you plan to go out with your munchkin, you find everything falling out of the place, you feel messiest that you have never felt in your lives. So always keep the baby travel bag ready and in hand. This tip for new parents have worked like anything. You just need to be sure that the bag contain perfect number of diaper and tissue supply. You can arrange all of them in the diaper bags which are available on Amazon. Next comes food, if your baby is on formula milk, warm water and formula powder is essential or if he is feeding juice or cerelac might all be good. Just think of it as, you are going to be feeding your baby in public so you don’t want it to be a messy job. So consider some less messy food which might fit in a bottle like juice, or in a box. In the order next comes the pair of dress, always keep extra pairs of dresses ready, because there always can be a urine or potty accident. Last but not the least some cheerful and favourite toy of your kid.

You will always be their role models

So whatever task you take up in-front of them complete them, this leaves a positive message in their minds. Include them in the daily chores, it helps build up a healthy habit. Was they grow up you wouldn’t have to force them into doing their own chores. Never raise your voice over your partner in-front of them, it creates a negative atmosphere. Whatever issues are to be discussed must be done when the kids are not around. Raise a pet together, helps them with their values and also indulges humanity in them.

Be more of playful parent than one addicted to the phone

Children easily catch up with whatever stuff we do in-front of them, in today’s digital world being away from your phone and avoiding it is quite difficult for many. But when you are with your kids, actually be with them. Talk to them, about their day, about school about your childhood. Read them something interesting everyday, new stories or facts. Play some sport with them, keeps you healthy and also keeps your kid on the toes and always active.

Tips for new parents

Always be quick to answer your kids doubts

Now that your kid is growing up, he would definitely have tons of questions, his inquisitive mind will come up with questions that you and I would have never even thought of in our lives. So don’t panic or get frustrated with the endless questions, just enjoy their nature and be proud of them, and yes quench their mind. We have access to a world of knowledge in our hands, and we should always never hesitate to use them and develop our kids minds.

Try to raise a good human being than a genius

Teach him how to help people, how to greet people, how to be grateful about the things that he owns and how privileged he is have had them. Always inculcate a positive thought about everything that happens around. To take failure also as a step towards success. This way he will always be prepared for whatever life hits him with.

Just remember, you are doing great and best for your kid. These are some tips that my parents passed on to me by my parents when I first became a mom. I always ponder with the thoughts about them I try to inculcate these in every action of mine. Hope it also helps you in your journey. Happy parenting!!!

Happy as it sounds,

Be happy like a child,

Never worry about things,

When you have your kids best in your mind!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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