Few Everyday Challenges Of New Moms

Some people are adventurous by nature, they live their lives at the edge. Mark my words being a new mom, is totally living life to the edge. It is all together a new adventure. You wouldn’t even guess what challenges of new moms like me could be the very next day. Keeping pace with the growing child is no child’s play. I don’t mean to scare the new moms, but remember you are a mother, you have delivered a healthy little human being, so be proud and embrace your motherhood.

first time moms

Tackling with the new sleep wake cycle

Cheers to all the new moms out there, your body has been through a lot and you have gone through with it with flying colours. Now, after the delivery you might feel tired quite often, while breastfeeding you might feel like you are getting drained if your energy. On top of that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Every two to three hours you have to wake up to feed your baby. And night times are the worst, nothing seems to soothe your baby, so please don’t worry. All the mothers go through this phase. And it creates a bond between the mother and the child. Trust me I have been there, next time when your baby wakes up just keep in mind, you two are creating memories together. So put on a smile, and calm down.

I am doing it all right?

With this new added member in your family your responsibilities seems to have gone up. Every time you feed your baby you might think, have I got the formula right? Is it too warm or cold for the baby? Am I swaddling her right? Is her diaper supposed to be so tight? Is my baby’s tummy full? And what not. So basically we need to follow our gut. Our instincts are always right in this matter. Besides, our own mother is there to help, and with the technology that we have today, and the efficient doctors all our queries will be solved in just a few seconds. Just imaging our mother’s times when there were no cell phones and whatsapp nor social media or a doctor on call to help them. Still the raised us fine, not just fine great actually. So always extend a hand for help when you need just don’t panic.

Postpartum depression

I know many of us won’t accept that we are going through the phase of depression, where nothing cheers us up, we are unable to focus on our child and worst of all get frustrated with everything that is going on around us. So the first stage to get out of this is accepting for yourself that you are facing depression. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, you just need someone to talk you and lead you through this phase. Nobody better than your closet friend, colleagues or family. Whoever you feel comfortable talking to, just talk your heart out. It’s just so overwhelming to have a child, they will definitely understand you and help you through with it.

Whether or not to start work again

In our times, twenty first century, making a mark of ourselves over the society is one of the most essential things. We need to raise our kids self confident and self bearing. What better way to set an example of our own. May be you choose to be a stay home, home maker, raise your kids to respect your choice. Show them that you do what is always best for them. If you choose to step out for work, make them respect the fact that they( kids ) and work both are equally important. And nothing in this world will replace your kids place in your heart.

These were the few challenges I faced when I became a new mom, but the journey isn’t over yet. I always feel, every single day of my life that I am new to this task or work. So people just brace yourselves and let’s head out on a beautiful journey called motherhood.

Baby bear once told mama bear,

How can you be so happy mama,

Mama bear simply smiled and said,

Baby because I have the angel always infront of me eyes..!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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