Introduction To Scientology Practices

It is usually said that principles of Scientology are embraced only when a person learns them in Scientology church or any mission that advocates Scientology. Such believers also advocate the idea that Scientology practices can also be learned through books and material that contains this literature.

However, it is a reality that the true taste of Scientology can only be felt in the society. The art of Scientology is all about learning to do things that not only make a person’s life better but also brings improvements in the lives of others.

A true Scientologist can be someone who not only attends the Scientology church and studies Scientology but also uses the knowledge that they gain through Scientology practices to bring improvement in lives of everyone who matters to them.

Scientology religious beliefs are made of a vast amount of data and when a person decides to embrace the Scientology practices they learn a lot of new principles which make their life better.

Key Scientology Practices


Auditing is among the key Scientology practices which elevate an adherent to a clear state which frees him from the influences of the reactive mind. In this practice a councelor known as auditor puts a series of questions to the other person and observes, records the response of the other person. These responses are also acknowledged by the auditor.

The auditor has to create a distraction-free environment for this activity.

Emotional Tone Scale

Scientology practices also advocate the use of emotional classification system which is known as tone scale. This tool is also used in auditing and Scientologists believe that by knowing a person’s response on the scale they can predict his or her action and make their condition better.


Those who believe in Scientology advocate the idea that the human body in such cases is similar to the practices followed in other religions in which it is believed that at the death of the person, the spirit will leave the body. Scientologists believe that humans do not die; they simply change bodies, a belief that is preached by many other religions.


Those who follow Scientology believe that God should not be predefined in any notion. Rather, Scientology leaves it to the wisdom of the person when it comes to individual’s understanding of the God. Scientology also believes in the existence of the deity and does not define or describe its nature.

Rejects psychology and Psychiatry

Those who are Scientology believers reject psychiatry and psychology. They believe in spiritual healing and consider psychiatry and psychology as mere assumptions which have been corrupting people in particular and society at large.

Make their children distinct from others

Parents who have been practicing Scientology often end up making their children look and feel distinct from other children in society. They not only encourage children to work from an early age but also cut off their young children from normal children fearing that they would adapt to the unethical ways of living that normal society practices.

This practice might have worked for some, but it surely doesn’t work for all. Be careful while deciding on ways to handle your kids, while they grow up.

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