How It Feels To Be A Scientology Kid?

Life as being Scientology kids is quite different from being raised under a normal set of parents. Scientology children have their own unique challenges that they need to address on a daily basis.

Below are listed some key ways in which Scientology children are different from normal children.

  1. Cannot seek the help of doctors when ill

Parents who believe in Scientology usually encourage natural healing. This essentially means that Scientology children also do not seek the assistance of doctors when they are ill. The parents believe in natural healing process and the assistance of doctors is only sought in rare cases when it is beyond the capacity of natural healing process to cure the child.

  1. Education is literally very different

The education for Scientology kids is literally quite different from normal children. Besides learning basic reading and writing, Scientology children have to study the works of Hubbard. Moreover, the students are encouraged to work alone rather than seeking assistance of peers or parents when they need any kind of assistance to complete their regular school work.

Scientology schools do not believe in learning disabilities and do not encourage programs related to science and do not encourage science innovation programs.

  1. Children are raised and educated at remote locations

Parents who practice Scientology do not have much time for children. Rather, they raise the children are raised at remote locations which do not encourage participation of non-Scientology children. The Scientology children study in dedicated schools do much of manual labor and learn at a Scientology school.

  1. Children are put to work

Scientology kids have to learn to work from an early age. Do not be surprised if you come across such children working from an early age as seven. Such children have tough jobs to do as picking rocks from freezing waters in order to build walls. These children get injured at times but parents practicing Scientology rarely pay attention to their concerns as such parents want the child to become strong from a tender age.

  1. Have a naming ceremony

Scientologists believe that every kid is a reincarnated human and they consider it important for the child to know that why the kid is in the world. Therefore such Scientology kids can expect baptism-like ceremony in their life early where they are told their name.

  1. Kids get treated like small adults

Scientology kids are treated by their parents as little adults. This means that such children are given responsibility from an early age. In a way, it helps them grow from an early age but also kills the fun of being a child.

  1. Kids are kept away from normal children

Scientology children are different from normal children in many ways. This is due to the reason that such parents do not encourage mingling of their children with other kids who have grown under normal parents. The habits and lifestyle of other kids is very different from Scientology children and this at time creates commotion, hence such children are kept aloof from the world.

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