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6 Major New Mom Challenges

New mom challenges

Just a few days ago, I got an update about a friend of mine who recently had baby. I was happy for her. Being a mother of 2 already, I knew what motherhood feels like but just on the second thought, my mind was stuck to all those new mom challenges that I knew she had no idea about. So I just gave her a call and told her about a few things I felt she should be aware about.

Struggling To Breastfeed 

It is said that nursing comes naturally but not in the case of every mother. Some have to struggle at breastfeeding to a different level. It might take weeks to get it right. Definitely you know the benefits of mom’s milk for the kid and rising pressure from friends, family and doctor is hard to handle but you can take help of the doctor or an experienced mom who could come and watch you and see if you are doing it right. You’ll juggle for a month but if you are still frustrated consider switching to a formula.

Feeling Fat 

Your pregnancy weight would become like a nightmare for you scaring the hell out every day. You’ll have to be patient about it and deal it the right away. You are not going to get away from that pregnancy fat within weeks or months. Most women take a year to make that fat leave behind. Don’t panic, take it slow and start working out as soon as you are ready.

Being frustrated With Your Husband

He might look wrong always but there’s nothing wrong with what your husband is going. You might get the thought of killing him or divorcing in the very first month but he cannot understand the pressure of handling the baby 24×7, you’re going through. Don’t expect that from him. Instead tell him what you need or what you expect from him. Make a list of chores you and divide amongst yourself. Turning into a parent might create the tension between you two initially.

Trying To Be Perfect

A spotless house, a happy kid and a perfectly happy family are all myths about being a perfect mom. Accept you are human and make your peace with the mistakes you are allowed to make. Avoid taking too much the pressure in maintaining everything around yourself.

Feeling Guilty All The Time

You’ll feel guilty as soon as your kid spills out milk or there’s a wet nappy on the ground or a wet pad inside your bathroom. These things are normal, stop feeling guilty about everything around you and also ignore the criticism from your friends and family. Be calm and confident about everything you are doing being a new mom.

Last one that I didn’t even realize was the one that is well explained in this video below:

Going Back To Your Job

People think that going back to work after 6 months of maternity is not the right way of handling motherhood. May be they are still sticking to the old facts that once a woman becomes a mom, their sole job should be to take care of the baby but that not what works in todays time. As, very well explained in this video below, a working mom is an inspiration for the kids and that’s a part of a child’s grooming too.

However, if you want to be a stay home mom, it’s again your own choice. Pick what makes you happy.

You would have to handle these new mom challenges along with many more. Just like everyone else says, it’s not easy to be a mom but you know what, it’s not that difficult too. Have faith in yourself and you’ll get through it.

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