I Hope Your Newborn Baby Bag Has These Things

Rushing to the hospital to welcome the new member of the family can be exciting yet cumbersome job. We have been preparing for the same since nice months but yet there will always be something missing that we would not recollect at the said time. So I had made a checklist of things that I thought were the most necessary things to be in your newborn baby bag.

Your Sole supporter

Before we begin with the checklist the most important thing that should tag along with you is your personal cheer, may it be your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, friend or anyone that you can completely rely on in the labor room as well as on the way to hospital.A person who wouldn’t panic by the pressure and would have a kind shoulder for you always

The Newborn Baby Bag List

I know you would have things related to your baby in your mind but along with that his or her mother that is you are equally important as soon as you deliver you need to slip on to something comfortable, please be prepared for breastfeeding as well. (Check some breastfeeding equipments available online)

Also there would be bleeding after labor for quite some days so if you have c- section or normal you need to have something like a maternity pad to take care of the same.

Also neck pillow or cervical pillow would be lot of help to deal with the back pain which might set in after delivery especially in c-section cases.

Apart from these you would also need all your toiletries and your favourite pair of slippers to make yourself comfortable

Moving on to the real deal: 

Babies means delicate, they will require a whole deal of stuff carefully chosen by their mothers over the past few months.

Onesies or rompers

Onesies or rompers are comfortable for newborns and as well as the mother to manoeuvre the child ,it is easy for the mother to get on their delicate bodies and single piece of clothes covers their whole body so I generally prefer them. Also I have heard from many people around not to put on new clothes for the new born it would harsh on their skin, so kindly wash, dry and then carry those clothes not only the clothing that they would wear also the wrapping clothes.

Wrapping and swaddling blanket

These gives them a feel of their mother’s womb so defined carry one.

Newborn size diaper

Newborn size diaper which comes in different companies and qualities, I had used Huggies wonder pants also pampers premium style diaper for my little one and found both of them excellent with no complain of rashes till date.


When we are new to breastfeeding we are unable to latch properly at first, or we get pain when we trying it, or our nipple might get sore under such situations we cannot continuously breast-feed them for 20 minutes at a stretch at such times pacifiers are of huge help for a few minutes in between. (Look for pacifiers online)

Breast pump

Not required in the beginning itself but during night times if you have help around you can store your milk after using the breast-pump. That way you can grab a few hours of sleep when the little on gets fed by your help.

Breast pumps are available at various online platforms and often range between Rs. 200-5000, pick what you wish you. (Click to check a pacifier online)

So these were the basic things that I had been asked to carry by my mother and well wishers and friends hope this list is of help to you too.

Motherhood is golden,

Makes your body gladen,

Just enjoy the various phases,

And be a part of the changes,

We have bought a person in the world

We should be proud of the little gold.

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