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Why Do Couples Need Pregnancy Announcement Tshirts?

Twins couple tshirts

Getting pregnancy announcement T-shirts is like a must have as well as the simplest of ways to make a pregnancy announcement. These pregnancy t-shirts work in favour of 2 kind of parent’s category that exists, one that is shy about saying anything and other who wants to do everything differently or in style. For the later category, there are various bold statement making kind of designs available online. While for the former category, you’ll see ample of cute pregnancy announcement t-shirts that every parent would keep it locked in their closet forever. Here are some very interesting pregnancy announcement t-shirts that you can pick from:

1. Little Minion

For all those minion lovers who can’t get away from them, this is the perfect sign to show how much you love them as well as your kids. It is available in 5 sizes and comes in the minion colour that is yellow. Imagine you wear this and your kid would say in future ” I have the coolest mom ever”.

Minion pregnancy announcement tshirt

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2.  Dad to be t-shirt

Perfect for the coolest dads who do not want to be categorised in cliched ways of announcing pregnancy. Made with Spandex material, it comes in a combination of white and black colours.

Dad to be pregnancy announcement tshirt

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3. Pizza and baby couple tshirts

Combo of 2 different styles stating exactly about moms and dads, this yellowed coloured pair of tshirts is your pick. They’ll make you look way more cooler than anyone within your circle. These tshirts are available in various sizes because obvious the mom’s belly need good space to be careful while selecting especially if you are getting them from any online platform.

Pizza and baby tshirt

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4. Footprints Maternity T-Shirt for Women

This one is the perfect pick for shy kind of parents who are not willing to carry bold statement making designs. These cute footprints on your belly won’t need words to tell your friends that you are ready to welcome a cute lovely little one in your life. It’s available in 5 sizes.

Footprints Maternity T-Shirt for Women

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5. Mommy of Twins Daddy of Twins Matching Tshirt

Having twins? This is the perfect combo design t-shirts for you. It is available in 5 different colours so you have options to pick from.

Twins couple tshirts

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These along with many more designs are available online. We recommend you to pick up any of the above listed t-shirts for your special baby shower occasion.

Baby shower is the most precious time in a mother’s life. While she’s handling mood swings and pains during her seventh month, her baby shower day comes as blessing in disguise when can forget about the pains and enjoy with her friends. Getting pictures clicked on this day is really special because these memories stay forever. So forget about a long statement-making gown and celebrate this specialty in your coolest moms style ever.

Get amazing latest designs of pregnancy announcement t-shirts and be a trendsetter.

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