Boobs Leaking During Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms & How To Deal?

Pregnancy brings huge lot of changes in a woman’s body. You undergo various hormonal changes, which can lead to various issues like nausea, body pains, and increase in weight, overactive bladder etc. Boobs leaking during pregnancy are one among them. Discharge or leaking of golden coloured fluid from your breasts commonly known as colostrum is very common during pregnancy.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is yellow sticky liquid that develops inside a woman’s breast. This is also regarded as pre-milk as the original breast milk develops 3-4 days post delivery in new mom. Until this, this colostrum is sufficient enough to feed your newborn. The production of colostrum is more than required therefore the boobs leaking during pregnancy.

In which period are your breast leaking during pregnancy?

3rd trimester into pregnancy is when you’ll start facing the boob-leaking problem in most cases. The product of this liquid begins in the first month itself but it is ready to come out later only. Many women have reported the leaking before and after the 3rd trimester too and some have reported that they never faced this leaking issue at all through out their pregnancy. The issue varies from person to person.

Do I need to be worried of boob leaking?

Boob leaking is normal during pregnancy. It’s a sign that your body is preparing itself for the baby.

Reasons for Boobs Leaking During Pregnancy

The hormone named prolactin that is responsible for production of milk after your baby is born begins its movement as soon as you are pregnant. It’s actual movement happens during the 3rd trimester which is why in majority of cases, boob leaking happens during the same period. It’s due to this and other various hormones, which are kind of dancing inside your body during pregnancy that lead to milk production. The entire process must happen at the right time.

Milk production is low during pregnancy because of the levels of progesterone and estrogen that are other essential hormones that play vital role. If the level of prolactin increases that of progesterone and estrogen, colostrum leaks. This is a completely normal state to experience.

Boobs leaking during pregnancy also result if your nipples happen to rub even within your bra. This can happen during exercising or even during sex. 

How to notice breast leaking during pregnancy?

Only way to notice breast leaking during pregnancy is to check if your bra has stains in orange or yellow colour. The colour signifies the development of colostrum. Try squeezing if you don’t notice anything. Even if you don’t witness anything all throughout, it’s still normal. Milk production will start naturally when your baby is ready for the feed.

What are the common causes for boobs leaking during pregnancy?

Pregnancy: Nipple discharge during pregnancy is very common. It is a signal that your body has started to produce milk for your baby.

End of breastfeeding process: Nipple discharge is also common when you stop breastfeeding. Little drop of milk can be seen at later stages too.

Excessive movement: While you are giving more friction to your boob area, it’s likely that you will experience nipple discharge issue. Jogging and heavy lifting can be common reasons.

Can I stop boob leakage myself?

Absolutely not! Since it’s your body’s natural tendency to produce colostrum, this is not in your hands to stop this leakage.


How to survive boob leakage during pregnancy?

Here’s what you can help you survive the situation:

1. Wear Nursing Pads: The best way to survive this situation is wear nursing pads. Huge variety of nursing pads is available in the market nowadays. Various range of brands are offering quality products to keep you safe. Good quality nursing pads come with good suction power that absorbs the liquid instantly and keeps your boob area dry for a long time.

Types of nursing pads

Nursing pads come in 5 different varieties. They are disposable nursing pads, reusable nursing pads, silicon nursing pads, hydrogel nursing pads and homemade nursing pads. We’ll be discussing each of them individually in our next article. Some of the suggested options are:

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  • Reduce heavily exerting your boobs. Reduce pressure in your exercises. Walking is normal.  
  • Pick a sports bra. Wear is even while sleeping. This will help you reduce the excessive breast leaking during pregnancy.

When do you need a doctor?

As we have discussed above that nipple discharge during pregnancy is normal but there could be a situation when you notice blood coming out of your boobs. It’s a signal that you immediately need to see to your doctor.

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