Tips And Tricks On Breastfeeding For New Moms

When I became a mom and the nurse handed the baby to me, it was the most precious time of my life. But the very second when we ( we as in me and the nurse) tried to latch her to my breast it was a nightmare. In just few seconds from being a perfect mom figure I came down to being the worst mother in my head. I started questioning myself will I be able to deal with this, is this suppose to back fire like this, am I the only one doing all this wrong. I bombarded the nurse with all these questions, and so here are a few tips and tricks on breastfeeding for new mom that I learnt from her:

First up – learn the signs

The best trick for breastfeeding for new mom is getting the timing right. Note the signs of a hungry baby, a hungry baby will latch himself fast and will start comforting himself with it. So the signs would be a cranky crying baby with hand in his mouth or you are trying to sooth him by swaddling and you have changed his diaper but no use. This implies that he must be hungry, so if you take him up for feeding that would soothe his mood up.

Don’t neglect your breasts

The very important tip for breastfeeding for new mom is never feed the baby just from one of your breasts. I know you feel the baby might be comfortable in right or left, but if you avoid feeding him both the sides one of the breast will get engorged and would start troubling you with pain. So basically feed the baby on each side for ten minutes each. That would precisely fill his tummy too and will relax your breasts at the same time.

Timing is the key

Another trick for effective breastfeeding for new mothers is the time factor. You must have noticed that the baby is more hungry during the evening and the night, it is because the hormone prolactin (responsible for signalling the breast gland for milk production) is more during this time of the day. Thus, go with the baby’s instinct. My paediatrician always tell me we can never over feed the baby may be under feed him but never over feed, because the baby knows his limit of feeding. So never worry was your milk enough or not, whether he has changed his pattern. It is all because of the timing factor. Also in new born babies, tip is to feed them every two hours even if they are not signalling for hunger. Because sometimes in primies, sleep cycle is too long.

Positioning and comfort

The best results of breastfeeding are achieved when you and baby are both comfortable, that’s the trick for breastfeeding for new moms, to make it efficient. Always opt for a comfortable nursing pillow. It keeps your back in right position and the baby is at perfect height for breastfeeding. If you acquire the perfect position you would see a good latch and the baby wouldn’t be interrupted with you trying to adjust yourself the baby will feed for longer duration, till his tummy is fell. Also remember the whole areolar region should be given in the baby’s mouth with the nipple pointing upwards. This position gives maximum supply of milk when the baby is trying to suck.

Breast engorgement

Here is a tip for breastfeeding new moms with breast engorgement problems, they get alarmed when the breasts starts to leak and it becomes painful for even to touch the breast. Don’t panic in such situations it’s normal to leak milk, of you are very cautious at that you can use a breast pad which will help absorb the leaking milk. Also, one can use cabbage leaves for breast engorgement, wash a few leaves of cabbage and apply over each breasts between feeds. It would help with the over supply, but you need to be careful about overuse as it might reduce milk production. Use it for 20 minutes but not more than three times a day. Stop its usage ones the over supply is cut down.

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Improving milk production

For the first three days of the baby’s life the milk produced by the mother is pure colostrum which comes in less quantity. But do not worry the nature has designed the mother’s body according. With the increasing demand of the baby the milk production improves. But even then if you feel it’s less, tip for effective breastfeeding for new moms is that try to nurse the baby frequently. If he is not hungry try breast pumping and storing your milk for later use. Also, shatavari is an Ayurvedic plant that helps with the milk production. You get granules of available in different brands that is supposed to be consumed with milk by the mother. Also, you get shatavari tablets in the market. Eat plenty of vegetables, always keep your self hydrated. These also help in your milk production volume.

Lastly, the best trick of breastfeeding of all is to trust your mother instinct. Don’t worry, relax and remember you are doing a great job. Keep patting yourself on the back and keep up the great work.

Magical moments of bonding,

Mama always find it her fonding

Mama makes the baby happy,

And it revives her mood from being crappy.!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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