6 Reasons Why Pregnancy Belt Is Mandatory

Pregnancy belts are designed with the purpose of providing support to the lower back and abdominal region during pregnancy. Pregnant moms often complain the issue of back-pain that increases while holding the kid while breastfeeding. Giving proper position to the child is important a pregnancy belt works as a flexible device providing the much-needed support to pregnant women especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy belt reduces the pain

It is common to have back and joint pains during pregnancy and it makes everyday life difficult for the woman. A study published in Spine Journal has found that back and pelvic pain remains predominant during pregnancy. The study has found out that around 71 percent of women have low back pain while 65 percent have pelvic girdle pain.

Wearing of the pregnancy belt helps in supporting the lower back and baby bump issues which result in an overall decrease of pain during pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy belt provides compression during different activities

Have you ever run without using a sports bra? This also applies to the baby bump. When a pregnancy belt is used, the general compression it provides helps support the uterus and thus reduces the discomfort from movement during any kind of physical activity.

  1. Pregnancy provides external cues for posture

Pregnancy belts are known to provide external cues to the body which facilitate proper postures. These belts support the lower back and torso and encourage correct posture. This also prevents the overextension of the lower back.

  1. Pregnancy belt allows a person to engage comfortably in daily activities

Exercise during pregnancy has many positive health benefits. It increases muscle tone and decreases the incidence of depression, diabetes, and hypertension. Most of the women are not able to exercise during pregnancy as they face pain and discomfort. Wearing a pregnancy belt takes away all such worries and women can carry on with their daily life smoothly.

  1. Can also be worn for support post pregnancy

Women have decrease in strength post pregnancy. Wearing a pregnancy belt for some time post pregnancy helps in providing the much-needed relief and comfort that is required post pregnancy.

  1. Has health benefits too

Pregnancy belt has many health benefits also since the woman using it is able to be in a relaxed posture. Therefore, the blood circulation also improves a lot which speaks well for the overall health of the women.

Check out a pregnancy belt and consult a doctor before you use it during the pregnancy days.

However, looking at the problems women face before picking up the right pregnancy belt for themselves, below we have listed a few recommended pregnancy belts that you can consider buying:

Best Pregnancy Belts

Below are few of our recommended list of pregnancy belts that moms around the world are using.

  • Mommy Cuddle Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt

Price on Amazon: ₹799.00

Mommy Cuddle Pregnancy Support Waist belt

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  • Jern Pregnant Tocolytic Fetus Waist Support Belt 

Price on Amazon: ₹790.00

Jern Pregnant Tocolytic Fetus Waist Support Belt

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  • Grasshopr – Breathable Maternity Pregnancy Back and Waist Support Belt 

Price on Amazon: ₹899.00

Grasshopr maternity belt

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  • Baby Bucket Pregnancy Support Maternity Belly Brace Belt 

Price on Amazon: ₹625.00

Baby Bucket Pregnancy Support Maternity Belly belt

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  • SBE Pregnancy Women Maternity Support Belt

Price on Amazon: ₹749.00

SBE maternity belt

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  • Jern Pregnant Postpartum Corset Belly Belt(Extra Large XXL, White)

Price on Amazon: ₹1,400.00

Jern Pregnant Postpartum Corset Belly Belt

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Based on what the doctors and experienced moms have been guiding, a pregnancy belt can be a great friend of the mother because it gives the required comfort to the back and can be easily wore under any outfit. You don’t have to be choosy while picking up your clothing style as a pregnancy belt would give enough support to your complete body.

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