Best Gharelu Atta Chakki Machine For Your Family’s Good Health

Every mom is always concerned about health and nutrition of her family. It’s her first priority to provide healthiest food to everyone at home especially her kids because they need good quality during their growing years. Therefore she always picks the best products available even if they are a bit costlier over others. It’s because quality is above everything in the world. Yet, this entire effort sometimes go in vain when you see levels of contamination increasing in most of the food product you pick at home. This is the reason why there’s an increase in the demand for organic food and even organic farming. Some people prefer to grow their vegetables at home and some are buying only organic pulses. There was no way to make atta at home just like it used to happen in old times. But the issue is eliminated with the launch of this interesting innovation Gharelu atta chakki machine.

Atta chakki machine for home is one of the best household products there could ever be. It’s grinds the finest atta freshly keeping all it’s nutrients intact that too at home.

Why Use Gharelu Atta Chakki Machine?

If you could recall, our dadis and nanis had huge circular shaped atta chakkis at home. These chakkis were heavy in weight and would grind the finest quality atta, spices, pulses etc at home. They never had the trend of buying packed products from outside. Nor did they have huge purchasing power. Anyways, their actual objective was to get the finest quality of food products that is hygienic and healthy and is free from contamination. The only thing that led to the change in trends was the time and efforts involved. But otherwise, a domestic flour mill is the best way to stay healthy.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Gharelu Atta Chakki Machine or domestic flour mill.

Benefits of Atta Chakki Machine For Home

  1. It grinds the finest quality atta at home.
  2. The atta is free from impurities like wheat husk etc.
  3. The home grinded atta is healthier, tastier and has a lot of skin benefits.
  4. New age Gharelu atta chakki machine involves way less efforts than traditional atta chakki’s.
  5. You can grind atta in no time.
  6. It’s simple and easier to clean.
  7. Almost every domestic flour mill is low on pocket.
  8. It consumes less electricity.
  9. Atta chakki machine for home don’t need huge space to accommodate.
  10. Some of them come with voice instruction options.
  11. They usually have features like musical grinding and safety lock.
  12. Best Gharelu atta chakki machine would never cause dust.
  13. There is very less wastage when you grind at home.

Disadvantages of Gharelu atta chakki machine

  1. Whatever might be the case, you’ll need to space at least some time for grinding.
  2. Not much but some effort would be needed.

Now that you know that a domestic flour mill is your answer for your family’s healthy life, we believe you’ll be interested in knowing the best Atta Chakki Machine For Home. So to help you with it, we’ve done our research and prepared this list below so you can take the right call.

Best Gharelu atta chakki machine

Here comes the list of best options available. You can pick the online:


Atta Chakki Machine For Home



NAVSUKH Domestic Flour Mill

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill

Natraj Domestic Flour Mill

MICROACTIVE® Domestic Flour Mill

Prestige Domestic Flour Mill

Let’s now discuss each of this at length:

Automatic Domestic Flour Mill By NAVSUKH

Rated 5 out of 5 on various online platforms is this best domestic flour mill. This is the best atta chakki machine as it grinds the finest quality atta at home, as reported by experienced buyers. Its automatic and comes with 33 years of warranty on its’ grinding unit. It’s simple to use and can be cleaned easily as well. It comes with musical instrument and has a child lock feature too.

Gharelu atta chakki machine

Automatic Domestic Flour Mill By Haystar

Your perfect Gharelu atta chakki machine is this one by the brand Haystar. It works amazing for wheat as well as other dry grains as well like haldi, moond, kali mirch, bajra, besan, jowar, rice, udad, rava and maize. It’s again automatically operable and is highly durable. This one can grind 7-10kgs at one point of time. It’s hassle free to use and easy to clean.

best Gharelu atta chakki machine

Atta chakki machine for home by Natraj

Natraj atta chakki machine is becoming a favourite of many moms as this is one is known for retaining all required nutrients in the grinned material. Wether it is wheat or bajra or jowar or anything else, the final product is still rich in all the Vitamin, proteins, carbohydrates and fibres. It’s simple to operate and can be cleaned easily too. It’s a fully automatic domestic flour mill that works best in favour of the healthy of your family.

Domestic flour mill

Atta maker machine by MICROACTIVE®

Another best atta chakki machine for home is this one. It can be stored easily and is completely free from cleaning hassles. Grind any ingredient you want and you’ll get the best result with all the nutrients intact. It can grind upto 8-10 kgs of grains easily.

Gharelu Atta Chakki

Prestige Atta Maker Machine

Usually regarded as Prestige grain grinder is little smaller in size in comparison to the above listed options. It’s designed with wooden finish which makes its appearance really appealing. This one also grinds all of the products like wheat, jowar, bajra, rice etc. The only difference is the capacity size which is around 3- 5kgs in this Prestige Atta Maker Machine. Rest of all the features remain same.

Okay so now you have the list of best atta maker machines available online in India. You can choose the one that you find apt to your requirements. Going for a atta maker machine for home is the best option to retain your family’s health and there’s nothing that can top this priority in life. We’ll recommend to go for it and take a step towards retaining healthy of your loved ones.

Happy shopping people!

Please note: If possible please use any of the above listed links to make a purchase. This way we’ll be able to make some commission out of it and then we’ll be able to provide more information.


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