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My One Micro Preemie Survived But The Other Had To Go – Story Of Mom

Micro Preemie

It breaks my heart telling this story about how I lost one of my micro preemie within a month after being born. But I saw that parents need to be aware about every little detail and they must be cautious during pregnancy so they don’t have to face what we had to go through.

I got married and within 3 months I got pregnant. Upon getting checked we found that the twins are on their way. Our excitement saw no grounds. Our preparations started, we had started collecting goodies to fill in the baby right from the 4th month only. But in the fifth month of my pregnancy, I started feeling some fluctuations especially related to blood pressure and saw the doctor. My doctor noticed the same and gave us doubts of preeclampsia.


For those who don’t know, Pre-eclampsia is a disease that can create complications for both mom and the child. It starts after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It can show symptoms and if there’s anything, just rush to the doctor.

I was asked to take extra precautions and take ample rest at home but there were various reasons that I had to take care of the household all by myself. When I entered my sixth month of pregnancy, which was around 26 weeks of pregnancy, my water broke and I was admitted to the hospital and we were told that the babies were on their way.

Micro Preemie

So we knew we are getting Micro Preemie, also known as pre-mature babies are delivered during 6th month of pregnancy.

I went under a C-Section and my babies were absolutely not healthy. You cannot imagine what this means. This is the biggest fear of parents because premature babies are usually expected to either born with abnormalities or don’t just live long.  And there we were with our twin babies kept in Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Doctor told us that since both my sons are Micro Preemies, it was doubtful that they’ll survive and ofcourse we should be prepared for huge bills and the only answer we had for him was ”Take my money but please save my sons”. I have tears in my eyes right now, writing this.

Every day was difficult to spend watching my little ones in such pain. Me and my husband, along with our families would spend our days outside the NICU since none of the two babies were getting stable. One day one of them would stabilize and other day, the other. After about 20 days, we lost one of by little babies. My little one lost his twin brother and with heavy heart I want to tell you that deep inside I had just given up. We did the rituals as were required.

We, as parents, thought that we’ll loose the other one too but you know what, my Micro Preemie survived. I never believed in god since that day. After keep my other baby in Neonatal intensive care unit for another month, we were given a go ahead to take the baby home along with strict instructions for at least next 6 months.

Doctor’s instructions while taking my Micro Preemie home:

  • Absolutely cleanliness in the room
  • No taking him out
  • Keep the touch of outsiders clean (making them sanitize before they met him)
  • Keep him away from heat

We did all that was told and I am happy to tell you that we’ll be celebrating his birthday this year at home amidst this coronavirus pandemic. Look at his happy face, I do recall the one I have lost but the love for him will stay with me forever.

– Story of a mom based out of Delhi, India, as narrated by her.

(Her credentials are hidden as she had requested)

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