5 New Born Baby Products Every Mom Needs

After welcoming the little munchkin in the world the mother’s wait of nine months to see and be with her baby is over. As special as the moment is so special is the baby. And for special someone we need something which is very special. So today I am listing down a few essential new born baby products that a mom would definitely need.

Swaddle clothes

Once the baby is out of the mother’s womb the baby longs for the peace and security of the womb. And this purpose is fulfilled by the swaddle cloth. You must have heard the saying ‘ sleeping like a baby’, babies sleep peaceful and carefree but it happens only when they feel secure. This warmth and sense of security is offered to the baby by the swaddle cloth making it one of the most essential new born baby product that a mother must have.

Nursing pillow

New born babies need to be fed every two hours in a day. This makes the mother’s breastfeeding job a bit tiresome. But what affects the mother the most is an unsatisfied cranky baby, who isn’t comfortable while feeding and isn’t able to latch properly. This problem is solved by having a proper nursing pillow. It also helps the mother to have a comfortable posture while feeding the baby and avoids inducing back ache to the body. Thus, a nursing pillow is a must have new born baby product for a mother.

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Diapers, baby wipes and rash cream

In the new born stage when everything that goes into to baby’s tummy is milk it gets absorbed easily and the urine proportion is also very much high. Whether it’s cloth reusable diapers or one time use diapers the baby needs to be changed every four to five hours, thus you might need a steady flow of diapers. What accompanies along is baby wipes which is necessary to prevent rashes. But yet in some unavoidable circumstances the rashes do follow. So keep the diaper rash cream handy too. These three items are also important to have in the new born baby product list.

Easy changeable baby wear

Onesies and rompers are god sent for new born babies. It’s easy to put on and easy to get it off. And even when the babies are in diapers one can never predict whether they will soil their clothes or not. So it’s always better to have baby wear always handy. Even when you are traveling out with your baby take as many extra pair of clothing because how much ever you carry it always proves to be less when it comes to new borns.

Breast pump and bottles to store breast milk

Breast engorgement and pain is faced by almost every woman in the initial periods of breastfeeding. May it be because of poor latch with the baby or if the baby isn’t taking in enough milk etc,. But what helps the most having a breast pump that helps the mother to relieve her pain and to have a supply of breast milk for whoever the baby is in need. Breast pump is a life saving product that should be included in the new born baby product list.

Happy parenting!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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