Feeding Nighty Is Beneficial, This Doctor Mom Explains Why!

Being in the house with the newborn is like having to live with the new born’s demands, they may look tiny and cute but they can scream out to wake the whole town when they need something. Today, I would like to share my experience with you regarding the usefulness of feeding nighty.

When I got my kid home she was underweight and had stayed in the NICU for 10days. So whatever care and needs that had to be given to her was thoroughly thought of at least a million times by me. But owing to the fact that she had started her feed without me in the NICU, she was given formula milk with a dropper.

So I missed the initial few days of bonding and latching to my breast. When we got home I was very much desperate to breastfeed her but I couldn’t get a proper latch. I used to stay up the whole night with a crying sobbing baby in my arms, helpless in figuring how to get her to latch to me properly. Then one day my mom suggested I try on a feeding nighty and feed her while lying on a side-lying position.

To my surprise, it worked like a charm. I know many mothers frown upon feeding the baby in lying position, but I had taken every precaution to keep her in proper position and to position my self properly so that she doesn’t choke on the milk.

Benefits of Feeding Nighty:

  • Easy to maneuver at night when you have to feed your baby, please note many parents prefer to put their baby to sleep in the separate crib but my baby being premature she always wanted the warmth from her mother so I used to put her to sleep right beside me. For that matter, every kid would love sleeping with mama.
  • Comfortable clothing for the mother. Due to excessive and continuous milk production sometimes our breasts tend to get engorged. Feeding nighty have quite good areas for your chest to breath free.
  • Makes your breasts accessible anytime for you to feed your baby. When the baby gets hungry and cranky they just close their tiny eyes and yell, yell like the earth will blast wide open. At such times adjusting your dress, accessing your breast then feeding becomes a heavy procedure.
  • Feeding nighty gives you a kind of motherly feeling, I know there are things that give you that feeling but wearing this piece of cloth does too.
  • Nighty also keeps away from the c- section injury and stitches which is not true with night pantsuits. This is another reason why it is comfortable for women post-delivery

Few Options of Feeding Nighty Available on Amazon:

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Feeding nighty was like a god sent to me. It helped me to bond with my little one and make her happy. If you are wondering whether to opt for it or not, I would say definitely give it a try. It has more benefits than flaws is one of the easily available clothing available for breastfeeding mothers at an affordable price. Thus, it is a perfect match for you and your needs.

Happy motherhood ladies!!!

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