10 Best Nursing Pillows – Reviews & Recommendation


While nursing moms are concerned about the health and hygiene of their kids, they are also looking to provide best comfort and support to their kids while feeding them. That’s one of the major reasons why nursing pillows or breastfeeding pillows have become a kind of basic requirement for nursing moms these days. You see, kids must be in their best zone while taking the feed and these nursing pillows are a blessing for them.

Picking up any kind of baby products is difficult for moms, esp. new moms who had not see anything related to nursing pillows in past. Definitely, our moms or relatives never used specially made nursing pillows but things have changed now. Nowadays, smart moms don’t prefer to take chances.

Nursing pillows helps in providing complete support to the kid during breastfeeding. It also helps in giving extra support to the back of nursing moms. There are ample of other benefits of nursing pillows too.

Breastfeeding or nursing pillows have become popular recently and that is one of the key reasons why many nursing moms are unaware about the lately shared nursing pillow reviews or recommendations on which one to pick and why.

To help all the new nursing moms, here are nursing pillow reviews below that’ll help you pick the best nursing pillow for your kid.

Best Nursing Pillow Reviews:

All of these nursing pillows come with the basic benefit of providing best support and comfort to the kid during breastfeeding. You can have a look at some nursing pillow reviews based on other distinguishing features:

  • Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding

Specially designed by doctors to support both breastfeeding as well as bottle-feeding. It protects the kid from any skin irritations.

User rating: 5.0/5


Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow

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  • Kradyl Kroft 5 in 1 Magic Polka Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

Extremely comfortable to use & provides the grip you need. This one comes with a pillow along with a pillow cover.

User rating: 4.6/ 5

Kradyl Kroft nursing pillow

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  • HOOPA Feeding Pillow

Specially made one and only reclining nursing pillow for newborns of age up to 4 months, when the baby is supposed to remain in that position.

User rating: 4.4/5

HOOPA Feeding Pillow

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  • Lulamom Cotton Allergen Protected Nursing Pillow

Extremely gentle and provides protection to the skin of the kid.

User rating: 4.2/5

Lulamom Cotton Allergen Protected Nursing Pillow

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  • Bottom Genius Baby’s Cotton Printed Feeding Pillow

This nursing pillow comes in attractive baby prints and looks extremely beautiful.

User rating: 4.0/5

Nursing pillow

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  • BAYBEE Newborn Portable Breast Feeding PillowIt’s portable and is easy to use during breastfeeding along with bottle-feeding.

    User rating: 3.8/5

    BAYBEE Newborn Portable Breast Feeding Pillow (Blue and White)

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  • MomToBe Purple Feeding Pillow/Nursing PillowThis nursing pillow comes with special pocket for keeping water bottles, phone or burb cloth.

    User rating: 3.7/5

    Momtobe nursing pillow

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  • Baby Grow Cotton Fabric Feeding

Ultra soft, comfortable and supportive covers the waist tightly.

User rating: 3.5/5

green nursing pillow

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  • Get It Feeding Nursing Pillow

Cotton fabric, various coloured nursing pillow that comes in medium and extra large sizes.

User rating: 3.6/5

Get It Feeding Nursing Pillow

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  • Baby Grow Adjustable Nursing/Feeding Pillow

Triple layered adjustable nursing pillow, designed for better elevation required during latching.

User rating: 2.9/5

Baby Grow Adjustable Nursing/Feeding Pillow

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We hope that the above listed nursing pillow reviews should help the nursing moms pick the best product for their babies.

Below we are also listing few of the important features that you must look for in any nursing pillow because it’s important to consider certain factors before you make your purchase:

Features Of Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows provide dual support to both the mother and the baby. For the baby, it’s the support and comfort required to get their feed properly while for the mom, it’s advantageous for the back and shoulder support. Both of them don’t need to struggle hard during the breastfeeding process which was quite a big problem few years back.

You certainly would be having your own checklist for picking up the best nursing pillow yet we thought of giving our suggestions that can help you make the right choice:

  1. Your nursing pillow must be portable:

The factory of portability is extremely important that you must check in your nursing pillow because you might would want to use it during travel or anywhere outside the house.

  1. Material or the fabric matters big time

Normal cotton, organic cotton and natural material must be your top priority as these will be gentle of the skin of your kid while some moms prefer synthetic too but keep in mind it that every fabric comes with some disadvantages as well. So, pick the right way.

  1. It must be easily cleanable

Milk spilling or spitting is normal during breastfeeding so make sure you can get a hard time keep the nursing pillow clean. Most nursing pillows are machine washable yet you must check before buying one.

  1. It should be durable

You are going to use the pillow from minimum 6 months to an year so better keep the durability in mind. The pillow should not undergo any wear and tear during the breastfeeding period.

  1. Perfect size should be your concern

Along with all the other factors, picking up the right size matters a lot. With perfect size of nursing pillow, you are going to give the needed grip to your baby so he/she doesn’t have to struggle to get though your breasts.

  1. It should be pocket friendly

Cost of nursing pillow matter big time looking at so many other expenses that you might be handling during pregnancy and childcare. Try and get the best nursing pillow at the price you are comfortable paying.

Nursing pillows are quit an important baby product for nursing mothers and we are glad that finally news moms have started to realize this. When it comes to baby nurturing, parents never compromise; they always go for the best.

We hope we have helped you reach to your conclusion of picking up the best nursing pillow from the above list. While picking the right one, consider checking the above listed features too so you can make the right choice.

So moms, Happy Nursing!

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