Benefits Of Nursing Pillows & How To Use It


If we look at our country’s history, we would not find any maternity products specially made for handling pregnancy. At least they had no existence in the market. Some new age maternity products do have there old time alternatives but they were not so many.

When it comes to feeding children, the mother are supposed to hold the child in 3-4 breastfeeding positions only. In most of the breastfeeding positions, the entire pressure goes straight to the full arm of the mother making her restless a lot of times. During the entire time of breastfeeding, the mother’s both arms undergo a lot of pain and instability. Many mothers have to go for therapies to ease out their pain aroused due to breastfeeding. This is where nursing pillows comes to their rescue. Nursing pillows have considered being a great help for nursing moms. It comes with various benefits.


Benefits Of Using Nursing Pillow:

1. Proper latching support to the child: Nursing pillows or breastfeeding pillow are designed particularly to give proper support to child during breastfeeding. It gives comfort of a nursing moms arm only that is helpful for the baby to get their feed properly.

2. Sitting breastfeeding gets convenient: Some nursing moms prefer to feed in sitting posture only so a nursing pillow acts a blessing for both mother and the child.

3. Eases body pain for mothers: Breastfeeding often arouses pain in back, neck and arm due to the leaning curve. Nursing pillow reduces body pain in all the parts and provides complete rest to all the body parts providing the needed grip.

4. Bottle-feeding by dads becomes possible: Dad’s can give some rest of the moms by handling bottle-feeding time at least. Nursing pillows are super awesome for dads for feeding their kids.

5. Better position for the baby: Baby gets the right head and body positing because various nursing pillows comes with a proper head area, which provides comfort for the baby.

6. Better than all conventional pillows: Baby-feeding pillows have latches that can be tied with the body for good support. Unlike normal pillows, which are certainly used by nursing moms sometimes. Normal pillows never provide good grip. However, nursing pillows with pockets reduce the uncertain mobility during breastfeeding.

7. Can be used as pregnancy pillows: Not all but some of the nursing pillows are comfortable to use and are being used as an alternative to pregnancy pillows.

Buying a nursing pillow is best for all pregnant ladies out there. Feeding babies becomes simpler and better using it.

Nursing pillow

Here are the steps you need to know on how to use a breastfeeding pillow to help your baby get the feed without struggle at all.

How To Use A Nursing Pillow:

#1: Nursing pillow that come with a clasp should simply insert it on the side to tighten the clasp easily.

#2: Move the pillow towards the level of your breast so that the nipples can reach to the mouth of your baby with ease.

#3: See if you need to bend a little towards the back if your baby is finding it difficult to catch hold of your nipples. Bend if need be.

#4: Nursing pillow might get pushed below due to the baby weight, so you can take support of another pillow, which can be added under the nursing pillow to bring the required grip.

Try not to tighten the clasp more while your baby is latching to your nipples.

#5: For a good latch, swaddle your baby with your hands or do some the required adjustment of her/his head.

Nursing pillows would give your baby the benefits of getting their feed easily. With it’s help your kid is likely to get their healthy intake properly.


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