Disadvantages Of Ragi For Babies

Once the new comer steps into the house everybody pours in many advices and take homes for us. As a parent we find ourselves in lot of dilemma many a times as to which advice or tip to be followed. Being a first time mother we many times question each and every move that we make which is related to the baby. Most important of all decisions that we make are the ones related to the baby’s food. What might cause them colic or gases? How much is too much ? What to give when and how are among the few questions that we face everyday. Of the many food that we give to our baby one criteria is traditional food that our mom’s claimed they fed us and insist us on feeding our baby’s with it too. One such food which is very famous among the debates is ragi porridge. There are a lot of misnomers and talks around it. Let’s debunk a few of them today. Is ragi for babies a good food option? What are the disadvantages of ragi for babies? Is ragi for babies safe during winter?

Is ragi for babies a good option?

Ragi is a staple diet in many parts of South Indian. It is considered to be extremely nutrition and disease controller too. But having been said it is very rich in amino acids and is a bit of a heavy diet which can be tolerated by an adult tummy. It definitely is a very good option for babies but one must be very careful about the disadvantages of ragi for babies too.

Ragi for babies

What are the disadvantages of ragi for babies?

  • Usually ragi flour is cooked into porridge or steam cooked into ragi balls before feeding the infant. As stated earlier owing to its rich nutritional value it tends to be a bit higher side of diet and it takes longer to digest than normal infant food.
  • The flour which is prepared out of ragi should be made from sprouted ragi. If the ragi flour which is bought from the store is used to make the meal for the baby is can tend to load up the kidneys. So it’s always better to choose processed ragi powder meant for infant feed only.
  • Many mothers suggest that ragi for babies during cold is a very bad idea as ragi porridge comes under food stuffs that tend to cause cold. But many paediatrician suggest that ragi is healthy food option until fed in a limited amounts. It can also be given on daily basis but only once in the day. Limited feeding of ragi will not harm the baby during cold.
  • Ragi being whole in proteins and calcium is the most high rated food to increase weight that is it’s a top most weight gain food. If your child is under the risk of juvenile obesity then it would be a very good reason to avoid feeding them with ragi.
  • Ragi flour must not be contaminated with other flours like wheat which contain gluten in them. If the baby suffers from gluten allergies then it could be fatal for them.

Best recipe of ragi for babies

This recipe was used by great grand mother and has been used for all the babies in our family since then. It’s a very mild and lovely recipe which is a kind of sweet treat for your little one. Make sure you have organic ragi flour ready. Also you will require organic jaggery for this dish.

  • In a saucepan take a spoon full of ragi flour and keep aside.
  • Take a glass of water in a pot and bring to boil. Add the organic jaggery as per taste to the boiling water. Let it melt completely. Strain the jaggery water well and now slowly add the ragi flour to this water. Keep whisking continuously while adding the flour. Do not let any lumps to form. Now place the sauce pan on medium flame and let the ragi flour cook. Add a glass full of milk to the mixture and keep stirring. Allow the mixture to cook well until you see small bubbles of air escape through the mixture. To this one can also add powdered dry fruits powder. And a little bit of elaichi powder for the amazing smell. Let the mixture cool and then feed your baby this delicious sweet delight.
Ragi for babies
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Ragi comes as a boon to the parents who have the aim to increase the baby’s weight. Trust me it was a miracle food to my baby who was born with low birth weight and was preterm owing to my severe preeclampsia. After the advice of my grandmother I had started off my baby on ragi porridge after she completed six months and have had good results with it. One might wonder about the disadvantages of ragi but as long as the ragi flour is meant for babies, is organic, or is made specially at home after sprouting process it will pose no harm to your little one.

Folks I hope I was able to throw some light around the misconceptions and rumors around ragi for babies, disadvantages of ragi for babies and also ragi for babies during cold. Always consult your paediatrician about the baby weight gains and healthy ways to gain weight or maintain it. Ragi is no doubt a good option for all babies but do make sure you consult your doctor regarding the ways in which you could introduce ragi to your baby and the number of times that you could feed your baby with ragi. Always remember ragi is a gluten free meal and doesn’t pose any danger even to babies with gluten allergies. Do try the traditional recipe given above which a very big hit in my family and do let us know how your little one liked it. If you have any such interesting recipes do share with us on our facebook page.

Happy parenting !!!

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