What Causes Red Spots On Baby Face?

We wait for almost nine months to meet our little one. We want everything to be perfect. From the baby room to the baby crib, clothes toys we would have prepared it all. But there are certain things that the baby books don’t prepare us for that is the actual situation to handle the baby. All this while we hypothetically got ourselves ready but now it’s actually the time to take care. We tend to panic many times. One such occasions is when we see any kind of rashes on our baby’s body. May it be heat rashes, diaper rash or tiny red spots on the baby’s face we are scared of them all. Let’s take a look at all the possible skin rashes that a baby can get, what are the small red spots on the baby’s face? How to take care of them? When should you worry about the spots ?

What are the different skin rashes that a new born baby can have?

#1. Tiny red spots

They are also called as erythmia toxicum. It may appear in the first two days of the baby’s life. They appear bumpy and blotchy. They may also contain pus in them. But there is nothing to worry about it. I disappears as fast as it appeared. Within a weeks time the rashes should disappear in its own without any medication or treatment.

#2. Pimples

Babies often develop pimples on their face on places like cheeks, noses, and foreheads. It is called baby acne may show up during the first few weeks of life and they gradually clear up on its own within a few months. Baby acne has got nothing to do with whether your kid will have acne problems as a teenager.

#3. Small red spots on baby face

One may notice tiny red spots on your newborn baby’s skin. These red spots are called petechiae (say “puh-TEE-kee-eye”). They are tiny specks of blood that have oozed into the skin. These are caused by the  or the process of being squeezed through the birth canal. They will automatically disappear within the first week or two. There is nothing serious or concerning about it. It happens with quite a large number of infants and there is nothing to worry about it. Usually they do not require any treatment to be taken. If you feel that you baby has something else and not just red spots then might as well clear your doubts with your doctor.

#4. Tiny white spots on the baby’s skin

Tiny whites dots very often are seen on a newborn baby’s  face during the first week. These tiny dots are called milia (say “MIL-ee-uh”). Sometimes white dots also appear on the gums and the roof of the mouth (palate), in such instance they are called Epstein pearls. These white dots go away by themselves in a few weeks and aren’t harmful.

#5. Heat rashes

Babies can also develop heat rash, which is called prickly heat, it happens when they are dressed too warmly or when the weather is very hot. The rash is a red or pink spot usually found on the body areas covered by any kind of clothing. It is often itchy and can makes your baby uncomfortable. Doctors have named this rash miliaria (say “mil-ee-AIR-ee-uh”). In order to treat the rash and help the rash go away, remove your baby from the warm setting. Also dress your child in light, loose clothing and give him or her a cool bath.

Red Spots On Baby Face

How to take care of the baby’s skin ?

We have gained some knowledge around the different skin rashes and spots that can affect the skin of our new born. The very basic fact to be remembered is that we have read this in literature and we are not very knowledgeable to diagnose it on our own. So if you feel the rashes seem to be off or doubtful do consult your doctor first before application of any cream or powder. Here are some tips that you can follow to protect your baby’s skin:

  • Always used the clothes after proper wash and conditioning. Never use new clothes as it is. The starch or the chemicals on the new fabric can be harsh on the baby’s skin. So always give it a good wash with warm water and then soak it in fabric conditioner meant for kids and then use it on the baby.
  • Always be vigilant about rashes and dots – skin folds tend to have more amount of sweats and moisture which can help in the development of rashes. Keep the skin folds dry and nicely powdered. Dusting powder or normal baby powder will also do.
  • After every diaper change wipe the skin surface neatly with a wet tissue meant for babies. Apply the dusting powder and in the inner surface where the possibility to develop rashes are more for precaution sake apply diaper cream too if you feel the baby tends to develop diaper rash very soon.
  • Always keep the baby’s skin moisturised. After every bath and wash apply a good amount of baby skin lotion to avoid blemishes and dry skin. Choose a good lotion that suits your baby’s skin and is without any harmful chemicals.
  • They key is to keep your baby hydrated – Till six months of their life they are completely on breast milk which provides them with nutrition, needed amount of water, etc. But post that they must be given water along with the food that they consume. If they are hydrated from within it will help to maintain a healthy skin too.

During hot climate try and keep the baby breezy as possible as this is the time when moat babies tend to develop rashes which can be painful.


So folks we have gained quite some knowledge around the various skin rashes that can trouble your baby. I hope you would be prepared for them now. Explain about the small red spots on the baby face to your loved ones and gain their confidence. Do not panic under such situation take the right decision, if you are still in dilemma contact your doctor immediately. Do not experiment on the baby’s skin with any kind of products without consulting a pediatrician.