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Why Do Kids Need A Life Coach? – Detailed Insight To The New Approach!

Life coach for kids

Everyone has gifts in them as a natural life resources they are born with. This gifts are also referred to as super powers that preserve your relevance on earth and lifts you to stand on platforms where your impact to humanity transits you from an ordinary being into a LEGEND. Legendary is not an office to carelessly own, you are given because you truly qualified to have it. It has to be earned through consistent and unforgettable value added impact to humanity, and the journey begins at that instance you took a decision to discover your core framework. Self discovery alone is not enough to push for success, it helps you discover your niche but it does not help you uncover it. The unveiling of your core happens in the place of development and improvement, and these are not also going to give the best results if proper coaching and mentorship are not appropriately submitted to. Here comes the need of a life coach.

A life coach teaches and mentors individuals to leverage their potentials by discovering, developing and improving them till they are maximally deployed for influence and Impact. A life coach is a destiny catalyst, they help you get your path straight in life avoiding tales of trials & error, terrible mistakes and unnecessary bitter experiences that are capable of destroying one’s self worth and originality, temporarily or permanently. The life of a man can be compared to an architect who intends to build a huge property for himself. He has three choices.He can choose to  involve professionals , quacks or do it himself since his field is similar to the help he needed.  The truth is the three will produce results but definitely not the same quality and of course at different speed. Obviously, you know which will give the best quality, speed of delivery and longevity. This illustration is a profound representation of how a lot of people handle their lives, rather than build  their lives with the correct workmanship, they tend to go through shortcuts and in the end they have a life completely different, incomparable to who they are truly meant to be  which usually results in lots of energy going into mending works birthing frustrations, regret and unstable mental health.
A life coach is a very important workmanship needed in structuring our lives and the most excellent thing to do is to introduce this life professional at the formative stage. A child exposed early to envisioning, goal setting and go-getter mind structuring is most likely to turn out an early success. Better a preventive measure to mediocrity and  a life of frustration than a curative. The trauma of wasted years and wasted efforts is so powerful it has enriched the grave than the gifts of men has healed the world. Many adults came to realize how powerful they are in changing and healing the world as an adult but the narrative can be changed if all parents begin to take responsibility to support their children )with every resources needed to harness their gifting and deploy them for tangible results that makes for success, and of course a life coach is not to be neglected to achieve such. Coaching is just an amazing life saving methodology that truly works.

Life coach for kids

The United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF) is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children’s right, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potentials. In order to see the latter part of this mandate become a reality then the role of a life coach in the life of a child is extremely important and can not be neglected. Giving your child a quality education is not balanced until a life coach’ role has been fully incorporated in that child’s schedule and growth process. Whatever makes a parent employ a private Language Tutor, or Science Subject Tutor should make such a parent pay so much more for a life coach to tutor that child on life matters which is the edifice upon which every other tutoring will rest in the end. 

To give a child a holistic and balanced life, ensure that child is supported with a life coach. A life coach partners with a child as a powerful success catalyst to train and mentor the child on recognition of his/her gifts, the likely challenges to face , how to manoeuvre those challenges, why giving excuses should not be an option, how to set realistic goals, having a ” I can heart”, believing in possibilities, having a quality self worth and most especially measuring the success progress of that child etc. Life coaches are skilled to penetrate the deep worries or concerns of a child that the parents may never even know about and then attend to them appropriately.

In a digital generation with overflow of information available through technology, one of  the surest ways to censor the mind of a child is to position them strategically on a mind detox program that identify the dangerous mind twisting information they have soaked into their minds and you may want to try to do all of that for them yourself as a parent but a life coach has a better capacity to reach those things and use the correct mind detox tools to extract them from the child without forcing it against his/her will.

Life coach for kids

The 21st Century child has been identified to be a critical thinker. They always want to be in the knowing of the rationale behind anything they are told to do and anything they are told not to do. A lot of times it takes so much more to attend to such a curious and inquisitive mind. Most Parents are usually caught up in the busyness of providing a better life for the immediate family that they may not pay detailed attention to nurture this ability as they should and so they put it to silence and the child just grow up  accepting whatever life throws at him believing success and failure happens by chance and whichever you have, just accept it as a fate. However, a life coach is well equipped to allow such a critical thinking capacity find expression by draining it’s excesses systematically and strategically also fuelling the good side of the critical thinking ability to become an enviable virtue in that child.The creative and innovative ability in a child must be steered to bring to action the entrepreneurial capacity of that child . The Entrepreneurship skills of a child informs him about monetising his skill and values so he doesn’t become a skilful and valuable pauper. Money intelligence can be learnt quite early. A life coach does not necessarily have teach the child crafts but he/she can awake the heart of that child to become passionately creative and innovative..

When you get a Great life coach for your child, its a life investment with a very high ROI (Return on Investment) and completely negligible risk.

Temitayo Olawale-Olatujoye
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