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10 Best Teether For Baby Available In India

best teether for baby

The first six months is a very crucial stage for babies. It is the time when their teeth start coming in. However this process can cause some bleeding and pain in the gums of the baby. To avoid this, teether is used. Every parent needs Best Teether For Baby to keep them engaged during their initial few years. In this article we are going to discuss all you need to know about a teether along with which are the best options available in India with regard to their pros & cons. Let’s dig into more details.

Table of content:

  • What Is A Teether?
  • Which Is A Safe Teether For Baby?
  • List of Best Teether For Baby
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

What Is A Teether?

A teether is a toy or set of toys that are used to soothe or to provide temporary relief to a baby’s gums when the teeth start coming in at the age of 3 to 7 months.

Which Is A Safe Teether For Baby?

Your answer to all the teething problems of your baby is Silicone teether. Silicone teether safe for baby is made up of soft rubber or food-grade silicone as it is chewed by babies. The low pressure that is created while chewing can provide comfort to the baby’s gums.

10 Best Teether For Baby

1. Epaal baby Banana infant toothbrush:

This one is best multipurpose teether for baby. This is a ‘peel -ing’ toothbrush that can gently massage little teeth with its soft silicone bristles. It can maintain oral hygiene and develop good oral habits at an early stage. It is one of the best silicone teethe safe for baby.


  • Its banana peel structured handles are easy- to- grasp and  is made from 100% pure flexible silicon to avoid mouth bleeding


  • It is BPA and latex-free
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • It sometimes has scratches on it.
Best Teether For Baby

2. Itzy Ritzy teething Mitt

You must have a question in your mind, is silicone teether safe for baby? Itzy Ritzy teething mitt is there to meet all your demands. It provides relief to new emerging teethes and soothes the sore gums of your baby. Itzy Ritzy teething Mitt is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is completely BPA and PVC-free.


  • It has an adjustable strap that ensures a perfect grip for babies who cannot yet hold a teether properly
  • It produces a crinkle sound that keeps the baby entertained.


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It keeps the baby away from scratches.


  • The fabric portion is made of a crinkly material that makes a noise that can be irritating to your baby.
Best Teether For Baby

3.Hobby Central Fruit Teether.

Another best teether for baby. Hobby Central teether is made up of silicon rubber which is BPA free. It massages sore gums gently and provides a relief. It is ideal for baby between 0-12 months.


  • Its texture is specially designed to help your baby explore and discover new sensations.
  • It is machine washable.


  • Its crinkle sound keeps the baby engaging for a long time.
  • Serve as a pain relief for sore gums.


  • Its bristles can become hard if not maintained.
Best Teether For Baby

4. Vulli Sophie La Girafe

Vulli Sophie La Girafe is specially designed to awaken the baby’s senses. Its special dark and contrasting spots can provide visual stimulation and enhance the baby’s visual ability. It’s overall the best teether for baby.


  • It is made from 100 per cent natural rubber which provides a soothing effect on the baby’s gums.
  • Each box contains a QR code which helps in determining the authentication of your Sophie.


  • Its strong legs and chewy ears help to keep the baby occupied for a long period.


  • The rubber can starts coming off in some time.
Best Teether For Baby

5. Baby Elefun Teether

This is the best teether from Molars. This teether is soft as can be gripped easily by infants. You can refrigerate this teether which can enhance its teething pain-relieving capacity. It’s made with BFA free silicone.


  • It is made from 100 % pure food food-gradeicone which is BPA-free.
  • It’s smooth and soft bristles smoothy massage the baby’s gum.


  • It is made from 100% pure silicone.
  • It is top-quality material and never causes the baby to choke, unlike another plastic teether.


  • The nubby areas are too small for the baby’s fist.
Best Teether For Baby

6. Best Silver Teether for baby

It is a highly rated silver teether for babies. It is also known as a rattle/Fugro/cousin which is ideal for infants and babies.


  • It uses high-quality silver which is finely polished and its nickel-free lead alloy is skin-friendly.


  • This sterling silver teether has a chime sound that will bring an adorable smile to your child’s face.
  • It is safe for use.
  • It keeps your child’s skin soft and smooth.


  • It comes in a high price range.
  • Not everyone is comfortable using this.
Best Teether For Baby

7.  Hem Jewels Pure silver baby Jhunjhunwala rattle toy

It is one of the best silver teether for the baby though it is not made from pure silver. Nickel-free lead alloy is used to make this teether. It is manufactured carefully to give special comfort to infants.


  • It is specially designed with a rattler and whistle which can be a source of entertainment for infants.
  • It’s made with silver.


  • This silver teether for baby is 100% safe in use.
  • It’s one of the best silver teether for the baby.
  • It doesn’t affect your child’s skin.
  • Its sound can be very entertaining to infants.


  • It is very expensive at it is made up of lead alloy.
  • Not everyone is comfortable using this.
Best Teether For Baby

8. Nippon Water Teether

Nippon Water Teether is specially designed to improve the jaw movements of infants. It is made from food-grade plastic which is not at all harmful to your baby’s health and this teether meets the EN  and ASTM F963 safety standards


  • This teether doesn’t have a liquid filling in it, yet stays cool and its shape helps it to reach an interior portion of the baby’s mouth.


  • Its special design provides an easy grip for the infants
  • Its size is big enough to avoid the chances of choking.


  • This can start leaking if not kept properly.
Best Teether For Baby

9. Motherly Baby Teether tube Rattle Toy Multi-Coloured.

Motherly Baby teether tube is one of the most popular teethers It can provide some comfort to your baby’s gums while it’s teething. It is safe to use.


  • Its flexibility and easy grip helps the baby to hold it properly and avoids any chance of mouth injuries
  • As it is BFA and latex-free, it cannot cause any harm to the baby’s teeth.


  • Its soft texture enables a gentle massaging of teeth
  • It can be refrigerated to enhance its soothing capacity.


  • Its loops are not soft enough for the baby to chew it.
Best Teether For Baby

10. Epaal Fruit Shape Silicone teether

It is a multi-sensory teether made from silicone which has a texture of beads and bumps for enabling different sensations of your baby.


  • Its attractive structure keeps the baby engaging and also provides a visual stimulation.


  • Its standing base helps in easy gripping


  • It is not suitable for infants due to its large size.
Best Teether For Baby

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the types of best teether for baby?

Ans: There are various types of teether for babies such as, teether toys, teether toothbrushes, and silver teethers for baby which includes teether rings.

  • When state teether for a baby?

Ans: It is advised to use a teether as soon as the teeth start coming in to avoid pain in the baby’s gums.

  • How to use a teether for a baby?

Ans. Before placing a teether you should ensure that your baby’s mouth is clean and there are no hidden objects inside.

  • Why use best teether for baby?

Ans. Teethers are silicone-made soft toys that are used as a chewing material for infants when their teeth start coming in. These can impart a low pressure on their gums and relieves gum pain.

  • Is silicone teether safe for baby?

Ans. If the teether is made from 100% authentic food-grade silicone, then it is safe. Please check the quality of the teether before buying.

  • What is Silicone teether safe for baby made of?

Ans: Silicone teether safe for baby are made with the softest form of rubber or silicone which is of food-grade quality. These are designed to provide comfort to your baby’s gums.


As a parent, it is always necessary for you to check the authenticity and the quality of the teether used for your babies. Only 100 per cent pure silicone teether safe for baby should be used and it causes no harm to the baby’s gum. You can also pick best silver teether available as they are also a safe bet for your child. It is better to use a teether only when it is needed otherwise it can hamper the baby’s normal teeth growth. You should always check the reviews and the ratings of the teether before buying them.

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