7 Tips On Self Care For New Mom

Your new posting as a mom may be very taxing and at times very frustrating with the new sleep schedule and diet that you need to follow, but here are a few self care tips for new moms that would make your life easier and help you gain more confidence in yourself.

self care tips for new moms

The Pregnancy Belly

Many mommies post pregnancy won’t get time for themselves to go on a strict work out plan or follow a said fat free diet to cut down their belly, but this time of the hour a few exercises that can be easily done while your lying just besides your baby. Just twenty minutes per day and you would definitely feel the difference.

  1. Straight leg raise with hold – try to lift your leg straight up without bending from the knee and hold the possitiob for about 10 sec and relax, repeat the procedure for 15 times more but one leg at a time. As the week passes you can increase the hold counts by 5 every week.
  2. Bridging with gluteal crunch – bend both the legs and keep it one the bed, hip 90 degree and knee 90 degree, now lift your waist up and hold for ten seconds next when you put your waist down crunch your gluteus or your buttocks for 10 secs and hold.Same exercise 15 times and you can increase the hold counts every week.
  3. Tummy tucks with deep breathing – raise your hand up completely with the deep breath you take and bring it down while you exhale and tuck your tummy in hold of ten Seconds.

These few exercises will keep you going for initial few months till you can start actually walking and jogging.

The Tremendous Hair Fall Disaster

Hair-fall is quite a common complain of all the breast feeding mommies. The reason of it might quite be the hormone surge and then complete reduction of hormones. But the time the body would take to adjust would be quite long and before that you might get frantic about your hair loss, because there might be hair every where almost each corner of the house. The best solution that I have been hearing from my grandmother and mother for quite a while now is keep yourself hydrated. It does show brilliant results with milk production as well as hair fall. It will replenish lost minerals. Also eat lots of fruits and nuts.

The Stressful Stretch Marks

Once you start with the exercises that I have mentioned above the stretch marks will start disappearing on its own. Apart from that pure aloe vera gel works miracles, it has healing properties that helps regeneration of new skin cells. Also virgin olive oil also helps to reduce these long white stretch marks. And ladies these are marks of our motherhood please wear it with pride.

The Anxiety Aunty That Comes & Goes

Yes this aunty might come and go very often, you might feel nervous about your first breast feed, first nappy change, first day alone with the baby. But all this is quite normal so don’t ever panic just enjoy every moment of it. Best way to tackle it is remember the fact that you’re the baby’s mother and be confident about it, give plenty of time to calm yourself down, talk to your baby, make him smile all your anxiety will go away.

The Nights Of Sleeplessness

My most favourite thing to do when my baby keeps me up whole night is writing my diary helps me calm myself and also refreshes my mind. The one month might be a little hectic but once you keep up with the babies schedule you will get used to it. Try to get as much as sleep possible whenever the baby sleeps night or day or afternoons. Also singing to the baby helps them keep calm during the nights. You can the parent dance which also helps them calm. Video is available on you tube. Click this is the link to explore.

The Black & Reds On The Face

My gynac always tells me that no matter what you do the marks will take sox months to go, but do not worry there are certain remedies that might help to you to keep it under control and help at-least reduce them. Onion juice worked like magic on my face it helped me with the marks and also skin becomes kind of glow. After onion juice you might want to apply aloe vera gel which also helps to make the skin more subtle. Lemon juice also works like a charm, it’s a natural astringent so when you’r not using onion juice you could try using lemon juice.

Ask Help If Needed

Never hesitate to ask for help from your family and friends. You have been going through a lot lately and you too deserve some support, it’s your right and there is not harm in asking for it. You need to keep your mind calm and out of depression so when ever you feel low or you are not able handle the situation alone please ask someone to be there, of-course no one can fill in your shoes but at-least you can take a small break and refresh yourself.

So here were a few tips that would definitely help you through you initial phases of motherhood, hope they come in handy and help you in time of crisis.

Mama oh mama,

I am full of drama,

My favourite pass time is crying

And my day time is when you are nighting,

So don’t panic at all because I know u love me,

And I too love you for always being there mommy.!!!

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