A Doctor’s Advice For Moms To Be

First and foremost heartiest congratulations are in order, you must be on cloud nine right now. Bearing a child inside you is a miracle in itself and you would get to meet an angel in just nine months time. But to run the engine smooth for the next nine months there are certain things that you should always keep in your mind and never forget. Also your body is going to undergo marvellous changes you need only to be proud of it and nothing else. Here are some piece of advice for mom to be out there:

What to eat and what not to?

This is the most asked question and the one that keeps new would be mom’s pondering for days. So, basically everything that is consumable has one or the other nutrition in it starting from vegetables to meat to mushrooms everything, so basically focus on what you body signals you. Some women mind feel nausea-tic with certain types of food and crave for the others. So keep a balanced and wholesome diet of things that your body lets you have. In the first trimester some women get nausea-tic even with having a glass of water. You need to time yourself, if you get nauseous in the morning start with a glass of lemon water it helped me a lot with the sensation. Usually if get nausea-tic in the evening it might be because your stomach might be hungry. You will definitely get hungry a lot which is quite normal don’t worry about. If you feel like snacking every two to three hours please go ahead, but keep it healthy like fruits, corn flakes, whole grain cookies, nuts etc. Avoid too much coffee or tea, once cup in a day is fine

Exercises: No no or yes yes:

Being a physiotherapist therapist myself I recommend all the mom’s to indulge in some kind of exercise right from the beginning, it helps to keep a healthy mind and body, keeps you cheerful whole day. First three months are crucial one I wouldn’t recommend heavy workouts, but light walks, breathing exercises would work just fine as in first three must you need maximal rest as possible and you even might feel lethargic don’t stress your body much. Second trimester marks burst of energy in your body you will start feeling more active, start brisk walks and jogs, Pilates works great, start with kegels exercises it helps your pelvic floor muscles a lot. Third trimester involves fatigue, mood swings, weight transferred to your knees more, back pain etc. So you should definitely relax your mind with meditation and yoga, if it’s not feasible go ahead with the same set of exercises but continue kegels exercises definitely.

Are so many meds required?

Since the beginning of pregnancy the doctor will prescribe you with calcium, iron, folic acid, b – complex tablets, these tablets are essential not only for yourself but for the proper development of the baby. The body starts consuming a higher level of calcium for the development of the baby so your body might face calcium deprivement hence those supplement are very much necessary. Folic acid is important for the formation of spinal tissues of the baby hence that too is important. Along with it b- complex, iron too are reason for proper growth of the baby. As well as the tetanus shot that your doctor recommends is essential too. Many ladies are panic about the side effects of these medicines on the baby, nutrition and mineral supplements doesn’t affect the baby in any way. But do remember not to consume any tablets without doctors prescription, normal paracetamol tablets also need doctors permission, you might undergo indigestion and acidity a lot, time your meals properly before go hungry. Butter milk or cold milk helps to, try avoiding antacids, but gelusil is harmless but not too much.

Panicking about the delivery

A normal pregnancy without complications, with proper diet and exercise generally ends in normal delivery. And c- section too now a days is very advanced. So there is no need to worry, just enjoy your pregnancy and have a happy and cheerful mind always. Keep communicating with your baby always he can hear you, and try to have happy positive vibes, mood swings is very common so keep your well wishers and close ones around to support you. Above all create lots of memories which will always come with you throughout your life.

Inch by inch you grow in my belly,

I feel your kicks and your rolls you silly,

Mama is waiting to see your little face,

I know my tummy has become your cute base,

This was a message from me to you baby,

Next time when I see you I might cry a bit heavy.!!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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