“Carrying Post Pregnancy Weight Is Normal” – Every Mom Would Like To Hear This!

“Carrying Post Pregnancy Weight Is Normal”, a statement every women should say all the new moms, a statement many of you must be waiting to hear. Unfortunately I was not told this. Rather just after 6 days when I gave birth to my baby, I was asked by a lady that are you pregnant? At least u look like!

I was disgusted that very moment. I just said ‘ I hadn’t lost all of the bun from the baby I’d recently delivered’

Series of events and I can tell you how I was body shamed by women & fed with unasked advice. One suggested that I should go on a diet when it was only 4 months that I had brought my son into this world and was nurturing him through breastfeeding. Was laughed at in front of 100 people in a wedding because I didn’t look like that woman wanted me to.

Let me clear the picture in your mind.

These were really not the type of women you are thinking about. These were middle aged-educated-working class who had made brutal remarks about the postpartum body I was carrying.

I can tell you how easy it was for these women to criticise the way one’s body looks after childbirth, and how hard it was for them to celebrate the work that body had done to bring another life into the world.

Why women and girls are so damn mean & brutal to each other than men are to one another. They often unconsciously mistreat fellow women around.

The point, actually, is that in general, modern women do not possess the solidarity you might hope for or even expect in a world that is supposedly heading toward gender equality.

Why do we put immense pressure on women to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape (or better!) in a lot less time than it took for that pregnancy to happen.

I think is quite okay to look pregnant for some time as the post pregnancy weight loss differs from one another.

Celebrities get paid for their looks and there’s a reason why they are able to shed their post pregnancy weight immediately after. The situation differs in real life especially when weight loss is not even everyone’s prime priority.

Post pregnancy weight

This is me above. I’ve lost the weight now but I didn’t do this because of these women or their nasty comments. It was only and only my willingness to lose weight ‘when and how’ – it was solely my decision. These people didn’t stop even when I had lost considerable amount of weight. I got to hear ‘ ab tum theek lagne lag gayi ho’

STOP THIS!!!!!!!!

What really a new mom need is support in the form of childcare, maternity leave, and solid mental health care.

Just how an adult body looks different from a kid’s body, post pregnancy body is bound to look different from the pre-pregnancy body of any woman.

Celebrating the body that has recently nurtured a baby is a proof of all the positive efforts of a mother in itself.

I am on my path to lose weight n will lose more in the coming future but it’s my hand folded request to all the people that stop commenting and start helping.

No appreciations, No comments – All I want is give support to new mothers. Don’t push them to look like celebrities just after they come out of the hospital.

Message to New Mommies:-

Take a deep breath n ignore all the shit people say to you or the unasked advice they feed you. Just focus on your baby & your health

You are doing an amazing job!!

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