9 Practical Statements Every Girl Should Read & Celebrate Womanhood This Women’s Day

Despite of all the feminism, women empowerment programs and women’s day celebrations, it won’t be wrong in saying that women still don’t get the respect they deserve. They are still victims of various situations which the society doesn’t really want to understand or probably are not ready to accept. There are ample of struggles & fights that a women fights without uttering a word. It’s time women should take their respect in their own hands and start appreciating each other, may be, then the world would realise their worth.

Here are few norm breaking statements every woman should read and celebrate the feeling of womanhood:

  • After exhausting yourself in office the entire day, don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel like cooking.

women's day

  • Girls should travel alone too, your brother should not accompany you everywhere.

Happy women's day

  • Talking to a guy friend is normal. If he is not taking it in a positive way, it’s his problem and not yours.

Happy Women's day

  • Just because someone’s mentality sucks, it doesn’t mean you are dressed inappropriately.

Happy Women's Day

  • Your stretch marks are the proof of a battle you have fought, be proud of it.

Happy Women's Day

  • If you want to support your parents after marriage, no one can stop you.

Happy Women's Day

  • Giving gifts to your in-laws after every few days is not your parent’s responsibility.

Happy Women's Day

  • If you have a dream, follow it.

Happy Women's Day

We bet, each women would agree to at least one from the above listed statements. Embrace each other ladies, more power to each one of you!

Wish you a happy women’s day! 🙂

Ofcourse we would have missed on many more statements here, please feel free to publish them in the comments below.

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