Importance And Use of Maternity Belt After Delivery

Women have been binding their abdomen after pregnancy since long. This is also a natural process of recovery that has been in use since centuries. This traditional method of wrapping abdomen helps in recovering post-pregnancy. However, the use of maternity belt after delivery is increasing now and considering the benefits it offers, the same is getting popular.

Why should the use of maternity belts be advocated?

The use of maternity belt after delivery is advocated for multiple reasons. Ideally, when a maternity belt after delivery is used, it leads to a reduction in swelling and helps in decreasing the bloating that may be caused due to retention of water.

The use of maternity belt after delivery is also known to lessen the discomfort faced by the woman. It also improves the healing process and minimises the stretch marks. Repositioning of the uterus and abdominal support is also provided by maternity belts.

Importance of Maternity belts

  1. Support to the back

During the pregnancy period, the baby bump keeps on growing and this is known to put some additional pressure and weight on the back region. This eventually can result in weakening of the back muscles. Many women suffer from acne which begins by the time last trimester begins. This continues to remain in the post-pregnancy period also. The use of maternity belt after delivery provides adequate support to the back muscles as they gain back their strength.

  1. Tummy Tuck

In a situation where the abdomen is swollen to its maximum capacity and C section has to be done, the woman does not get rid of baby fat on an immediate basis. At times, post-pregnancy too, the woman looks as if she is pregnant. Women who have undergone C section need the support of maternity belts more in comparison to other women who undergo the normal delivery process.

maternity belt after delivery

  1. Slim look

The use of maternity belts results in the woman looking slim instantly. These maternity belts are also used instantly to push in the tummy and give them a better shape. This also helps in reducing the bulges in the body which otherwise might have shown up.

  1. Helps in healing of incisions

The maternity belt is also known to heal the incision wound on a firm and quick basis. The stomach will flap around if the belt is not worn as it would get difficult in such cases to heal the stitches.

maternity belt after delivery

  1. Removes stretch marks

Binding the belly with a maternity belt also helps in reducing the stretch marks as it holds the skin together. It is also known to take the pressure away from the back muscles by offering support to the belly. This allows the pelvis to recover at a faster pace.

How should be a maternity belt be used?

The maternity belt can be used, once your doctor gives the approval. It has to be worn for a few hours initially. The duration can be increased depending upon the comfort level. The manufacturers, however, suggest that the maternity belt should be worn all through day and night. The belt should not, however, be worn in a tight position as too much compression can result in slowing the healing process. You should be able to breathe in comfortably and there should be no restriction on the movement. If at any time, the discomfort begins, the maternity belt can be taken off.

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Maternity belt is a recommended product in the post-pregnancy period and will be of immense use as it shortens the healing period making the life of woman easier.

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