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Anteverted Uterus Causes & How To Deal With It?

Averted Uterus

Uterus is an important organ of the woman’s body, from menstrual cycle to pregnancy every womanly functions takes place in the uterus. If there occurs even a slightest complication with our uterus we start doubting our ability to have kids. Questions like will my uterus be able to bear a kid? Am I fertile now? Why is my menstrual so painful than others? come pushing us with more and more stress. One such complication that we see is anteverted uterus. Today’s topic of discussion is anteverted uterus and the questions revolving around it.

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Anteverted Uterus & Retroverted Uterus

There is set position of uterus in our pelvis, it’s located exactly behind and overlying the bladder. Now, of there is any changes to this position for instance if the uterus is tilted forward at your cervix towards the abdomen. This is called anteverted uterus. If the uterus is tilted backwards it’s called retroverted uterus. Now, what we need to focus on is being unique in every aspect human organ and their positioning also is unique dependent on the built and the genetic make up. But considering anteverted uterus is not a disease or disorder it’s just the orientation of the uterus in our body.

Anteverted Uterus Complication

Anteverted uterus is not a disease or disorder this thing has to be kept in our minds, it’s a genetic feature just like hair colour or skin texture. Earlier the position of the uterus was linked with infertility, but according to new research anteverted uterus is no ways a reason for the infertility or inability to conceive in women. While retroverted uterus can lead to many complications anteverted uterus rarely or never leads to any complications.

Anteverted Uterus Diagnoses

How To Detect An Anteverted Uterus?

In so many cases anteverted uterus remains undiagnosed or unnoticed till one goes for ultrasound for regular check up or so. As it doesn’t have any signs or symptoms in all most all the cases it will just be informed by your gynaecologist if you go with some problem to her or for your routine check up. Also, pelvic check up itself will help your doctor to detect your anteverted uterus by your health care professional.

Why is uterus position related with infertility?

Earlier, the position of the uterus was co-related with inability to conceive. But as the research has advanced scientists have found that position of the uterus will not affect the ability of the sperm to reach the egg so proper diagnosis of the actual problem has to be made. The problem can be with male or female or both, early diagnosis and treatment is very essential. If anteverted uterus is the only problem found by your health care provider then there is no doubt about your ability to conceive you just need to keep trying.

Treatment For Anteverted Uterus

As mentioned earlier anteverted uterus is just the orientation of your uterus and is not a disease, there is no need for any treatment or medications. So far it has been found that women with anteverted uterus do not face any complications during pregnancy, however, in some cases it might lead to uterine fibroids or cyst formations. So if you already know about your uterus being anteverted, tell your doctor before so he can take necessary precautions.

Also, if you are facing back ache due to the uterine position you can perform certain exercises to relax your pelvis and the back. The following exercises can be used to relieve certain pressure owing to your uterus, it may or may not beneficial for you but always consult your doctor before performing them. Avoid these exercises if you are in your third trimester.

  • Straight leg raises: Relax your body and position yourself on your back. Start with normal breathing and proceed to deeper breathing. Along with it raise your leg upto 45° and hold for approximately 5 seconds and then bring back to starting position. Repeat it with both legs separately.
Straight leg raises exercises
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  • Dorso lumbar fascia stretch: Same position relax your body lie on your back. Continue with normal breathing, proceed by raising both the knees towards your chest. This is called knee chest position. Hold for about 5 seconds and relax.
Dorso lumbar fascia stretch
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Important points to remember :

  • Anteverted uterus doesn’t lead to infertility .
  • It is not a disease or a disorder.
  • It wouldn’t affect your sexual life, if it does, if you feel pain while intercourse you need to consult your doctor immediately.
  • Anteverted uterus doesn’t create any complications in your pregnancy.

Hope the points and the confusions about anteverted uterus have been cleared in your minds.

Happy pregnancy now ladies!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan
Dr. Krutika Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric Neuro therapist.I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. She is the most precious thing to have happened to me. Motherhood in the eyes of a medical professional is completely different. Very often I find myself in a dilemma when she is sick I become frozen and panicked. As a first time mother it is sometimes overwhelming and full of surprises. Yes being in medical professional helps me tackle a few things here and there but what I have learnt through the journey so far is it’s okay to not know or being not able to decide for yourself. It’s okay if you seek somebody’s help. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or don’t have enough knowledge it just means you are new at this and trying to do your best. It takes great courage to accept your short comings and learn about it in the process. As a mother and as a medical professional I have just one advice and tip to all the parents out there do not ever try and compare your little one to other children. Every child is unique and is a blessing enjoy their childhood and let them be.                                                                                                                

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