Badass Girl Names With Meanings For Your Naughty Little One!

Name is the essence of a person’s first impression that he or she can pose over the opposite party. A strong and determinant name will give much strength and self confidence to the individual to face others. While it was a trend to name your child with the names of some strong willed spirits like Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, etc it’s also a great idea to name your baby with words that mean strength, determination, badass girl name. The list below is a compilation of badass names along with its essence for your little warrior princess which will add to her strong persona.

1. Adira

It’s one of the very unique yet badass names given to a baby girl. It’s Hebrew in origin and means ‘ strong’. Very simple yet exotic name. Easy to spell and easy to pronounce.

2. Aadya

This badass female name means POWER: A power that gives birth to all five elements. It’s also another name for goddess Durga, it has its origin in sanskrit language it’s old yet modern.

3. Isa

Short but sweet name can be given as a badass name to your little one. It’s a German word which means ‘ strong willed’.

4. Jaiyana

This name stands for the word strength in Arabic. As the word sound and is a strong badass girl name to choose.

5. Lenna

It’s sound a bit old but has a very powerful meaning and origin. It’s an old German name which means to posses strength of a lion. The meaning itself will give one goosebumps making it a bad ass female name.

6. Bria

This one has its origin in Irish language which means ‘ power, strength and vigor’ all characteristics of a bad ass champion. We all want our daughters to have these qualities in them.

7. Nakhti  

Sounds so sweet but elegant and beautiful. The word means strong and gives the name bearer an inner strength. Unique yet bad ass girl name.

8. Majida

A traditional islamic name which means strength, the sheer recitation of this name gives us a feeling of empowerment imagine the strength it would give to the girl who has this name. Strength and valour in one word. Making it a bad ass female name.

9. Vanshi

Old school yet fits the modern trend too. This word means strength and strong. Sounds very traditional but is a very apt name for a 21st century girl.

10. Maliha

The very word makes brings out the feeling that we are addressing a malika or queen. This islamic name means beauty and strength. Is a very popular name in today’s trend.

11. Maya

This name coincidences with many powerful women who have achieved in the world of competition and politics. This exotic word gives the strength to the bearer. The word means water, the strength of the flowing water is mighty and would stop at nothing.

12. Indira

From ages this word has made its stand in the history. From Indira Gandhi to present day Indira Noyi of PepsiCo who have achieved great milestones. Thus making this name a bad ass female name in the list.

13. Frida

Word with strong attributes, this word means peace in German. Peace is a very powerful term it requires a lot of inner strength and courage to attain peace. This word for being quite exotic and cheerful holds a place in the list of badass girl names.

14. Freya

This name belongs to Norse goddess of love and strength.  Ancient but refreshing this name is quite unique of its kind and with a modern twist to it.

15. Gesa

This word has a Dutch origin. It means ‘ strength of a spear’. Its exotic origin and yet modern usage makes it a bad ass girl name with a powerful meaning to it.

Badass Girl Names

Choosing an appropriate name is a tiring job for both the parents. You would have a million showers of opinions and advices what to name your child and why they think it is right. Here are a few tips that helped me find the right name.

  • Fix your alphabet first, if you follow the Rashi, birth time and date then you wouldn’t have the alphabet until last minute. But according to expected date and time given by the doctor you could have a rough idea.
  • Do not try to make everyone happy, some might like your choice but some might not. Remember it’s your child and you have all the rights and you have the best for him or her in your mind. So if others think otherwise it’s their opinion.

Choose perfect badass girl name for your naughty little one because it’s your responsibility to define the spirit of your child. And you know what, if later she gets up and asks why you chose a particular name for her, you would need the perfect answer for her too. Believe me, kids do that!

Happy parenting!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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