7 Tummy Trimmer Belt After Pregnancy That Will Help You Get Back To Shape

Pregnancy belly is one of the many things that are left behind after pregnancy. And sometimes no matter how much we try we definitely need some help to get rid of it. Tummy trimmer belt is one such thing that helps a woman to get back to shape post-pregnancy. Yet, of course, one has to go through exercises and control food habits for best results, but a trimmer belt, also known as post pregnancy belt can also be be used along with all the other methods to get rid of the tummy fat.

Best Tummy Trimmer Belt After Pregnancy

1. QEESMEI Post Pregnancy Belt

Getting back to shape after pregnancy is every woman’s desire and nothing helps better than a tummy trimmer belt after pregnancy. This particular wait trainer belt is specially designed to keep your skin free from irritations. It keeps the breathability intact while providing postpartum support to your back, most needed post pregnancy. Any heavy weight training is not recommended post pregnancy but for beginners this belt is great it gives firm support to the body while helping you to reduce your weight. This tummy trimmer belt is a blessing for complete post pregnancy support as it helps you recover from c section as well. This is your go to c section recovery belt.

c section recovery belt

2. KOOCHY Women’s Tummy Trimmer Belt

Another amazing c section recovery belt is this one by the brand named Koochy. It’s made with stretchable fabric which is super comfortable for your skin. It keeps your lumber back support intact. This is one of the most recommended c section recovery belt as it helps reduce weight faster while keeping your body in comfort. You can easily begin working out post pregnancy while wearing this belt and go back to your old shape.

C section recovery belt

3. Flamingo abdominal belt for postpartum tummy trimming

When it comes to braces and belts flamingo is a most trusted company with regards to the quality of the product and its durability. It gives perfect support for the saggy belly and helps avoid injury to the c- section scar if present. It also serves the purpose of toning the abdominal muscle and helps support the back which avoids back pain. Due to its stretchable nature, it can be worn for long without the discomfort of dawning on a belt. This belt is a wrap-around type of tummy trimmer belt post-pregnancy.

Flamingo Abdominal Belt

4. Cling post pregnancy belt

This post maternity belt serves more like a corset rather than a belt but keeps the while tummy in. It is completely elastic material thus is comfortable to wear for longer duration and due to its nature of being like a corset can be worn under the clothing and no one would ever even notice it’s there.

Unlike the actual corsets which are pretty pricey in the market, this one comes in a very pocket-friendly rate make it one of the good, tummy trimmer belts post-pregnancy, in the market.

Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset

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5. Wonder care abdominal belt post-pregnancy

This post maternity belt is a binder type, it has various belts or straps that can be tightened to make it a perfect fit around the belly allowing the muscle beneath to be breathable and not to lose for the back to be hurt with the saggy muscle. This post pregnancy belt gives maximal support thus the chances of the muscle toning after the use of this belt are higher, but the flaw lies in it that it can be confusing for the person to wear and remove the belt by themselves and it can be a hectic job.

Wonder Care Abdominal Belt After Delivery

6. elebae Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap 

This post pregnancy belt is specially meant for body shaping, it has three components like the belly belt, waist belt, and the pelvic belt. The belly belt or to be more correct c section recovery belt helps to tone the abdominal muscle and bring it back to normal as soon as possible, the waist belt helps normalise the waistline and the pelvic belt helps with the pelvic muscle structure to come back to its original state.

Owing to its complicated nature this belt has a lot of processes to follow to wear it thus it’s not very user friendly but it provides good results than the wrap on type belts. It serves the purpose of a tummy trimming belt post-pregnancy.

elebae 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap

7. Tynor post-pregnancy abdominal compression belt

It is one of the user-friendly and pocket-friendly belts available in the market for tummy trimming post-pregnancy. It’s a wrap on kind of belt that can be used in the go and it’s very easy to use. All its material is durable and thus last for long. It helps to provide a good support to the back and enhances the tone of the abdominal muscle. Comprises of broad hooks and loop belt for better fitting and comfort.

Tynor Abdominal Support 9 for Post Operative/ Post Pregnancy

Things to remember while using tummy trimmer belts post-pregnancy:

These are a few tummy trimmer belts post-pregnancy used by women in my circle and have found that they have given better results but here are few things you must remember:

  1. Consult your doctor first as to when can you start using an abdominal belt.
  2. Consider the fact that only wearing the post pregnancy belt is not going to help with the tummy fat.
  3. Remember wearing this doesn’t mean it will work faster, its main intention is to support the muscle and avoid further sagging.
  4. Do not use the belt during any time of your pregnancy.

Despite of various benefits, some women don’t prefer wearing any kind of maternity belt and the reason they quote is that they don’t find them really comfortable. So if you too fall in to this category, I would not recommend you to wear one because its all about the comfort you need.

Happy motherhood ladies !!!

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