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Hospital Bag for Delivery India Checklist 2022

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

A Hospital Bag for Delivery checklist will help you to prepared. However, the pregnancy hospital bag checklist is not universal, it varies according to your requirement. The pregnancy checklist includes basic things required by the mother during labor, the requirements of the baby, and a bit things for a partner.

You might be wondering how to get ready for this big day when a new life is about to join your family, how to make it easy to handle. Pregnancy is not at all about a picnic or a vacation, however, it is that time when you need to rush as it appears with no prior time to prepare yourself and pack basic things you need with you. Therefore, a basic pregnancy hospital bag is to be prepared.

Table of content:

  1. When do you need your pregnancy hospital bag prepared?
  2. Top 10 items required in you pregnancy hospital bag checklist
    • Your ID
    • Snacks and water
    • Phone, charger, and camera
    • Toiletries
    • Clothes
    • Pillow, blanket
    • Supportive innerwear
    • Comfortable flip-flops, slippers
    • Medications
    • Some other Essential items
    Covid -19 guidelines essential reminder
  3. Conclusion

When do you need your Hospital Bag for Delivery prepared?

It has been said that about 95% of the babies are born either a couple of days before or a couple of days later to the expecting date. Therefore, it is something that is unexpected. Only 5% of the babies are born on the actual expecting that. However, it is better to be prepared before rather than panic at the last moment.

10 Key Items In Hospital Bag for Delivery Checklist in India 2021

Here is a top 10 stuff you require in your pregnancy hospital bag checklist.

1. Your ID

This seems obvious to carry your id for your identification. If you have any insurance do carry paper related to it. All carry all the important documents including the document which are required for admission procedure, your medical cards, your medical records, and copies of your identity proof. Make sure to carry enough cash and your credit cards.

2. Snacks and water

Labor may take longer in some cases which lead to thirst, hence packing some food and drink is required. Also, a favorite snack after labor can bring comfort. Apart from the mother, the partner may even need food and water if he stays for a longer period.

3. Phone, charger, and camera

Unless you want to detox digital stuff around you, do not forget to carry a phone, charger, and camera (in case you own one) with you to capture this special moment with you forever. Also, it will help you to stay in touch with your loved ones, to keep them updated, or may share your moment on social media.

Also, you do not know how long it will take so it is better to carry some entertainment stuff around you. You may also read a book while you are waiting. You can also carry books and magazines with you. Nowadays, it is one of the very important stuff to be added to the pregnancy hospital bag checklist.

4. Toiletries

The basic things we require daily include tissue, comb, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, deodorants. Do not forget to take lip balm, and lotion, as this period may lead to dry skin. Also, you may carry skincare products with you. You may also require hair bands, hairdryers and maybe other plug-in electronic devices.

5. Clothes

Clothes mean comfortable clothes like gowns while staying in the hospital. Also, to have an easy breastfeeding process you can use clothes like robes, open button shirts. Do not forget to take going home clothes with you. Be sure you consider the weather can carry clothes accordingly.

Apart from clothes for the mother, you also need clothes for the baby while going home, be it one of the most exciting parts inclusive of diapers, wipes for the baby. Also, carry some comfortable pajamas or maybe nightwear which will be cozy.

6. Pillow & a blanket

Carry a soft, comfortable pillow with you which you require every day, and cover it with a clean cover to avoid mixing with hospital ones. Also, carry a blanket for the mother according to the weather, a part from that carry a soft blanket for the baby, thicker in the case for winter to avoid old, to snuggle baby.

You may also carry a belly bandit for the mother to make it more comfortable for her. Apart from these, you can also ask your doctor to provide you with instructions including what more you can use to wrap and when can you start to wear such wraps.

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist
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7. Supportive inner wear

Make sure you carry such inner wears which have very little, i.e., light compression. Do not forget to carry nursing bras or other well-fitted easy comfortable bras. Also, be prepared with several big-size underwears which have enough space to fit maternity pads. Maternity pads are mostly provided by hospitals but in case of shortage be prepared with a few of them.

It is very normal to bleed after birth and however maternity pads are way softened and good absorbers. Initially, you may require a greater number of pads as bleeding is more, but it will diminish within few days. They are one of the most important things you need to have in your pregnancy hospital bag checklist.

8. Comfortable flip

Flops, slippers, socks: make sure you carry comfortable soft slippers which you can wear while walking around the hospital, and flip-flops while you are taking shower or are getting freshen up. Also carry socks as, during the labor, feet may get cold. A newborn baby may also require socks and booties to avoid catching a cold. Even skin-to-skin contact should also be avoided. You can also carry non-skid socks.

9. Medications

Medicines are typically available in the hospital for mothers; however, your partner may even require taking medicine

10. Some other essentials

  • Breast -pump and other nursing supplies: If you certainly want to learn how to use it. Or sometimes you may not carry when you do not plan to pump exclusively.
  • Mittens, booties, and hat: You may require this when your baby is born with long nails to avoid scratches, plus booties and hat to keep baby nice and comfortable.
  • Covid-19 essentials: Do carry your mask, face shield some disposable mask, gloves, hand sanitisers and others as in accordance with guidelines.


In the end, do not panic, sweat in case you have forgotten something – avoid packing your pregnancy hospital bag at the time of labor, however, in case you forget something to put in your pregnancy hospital bag, send someone out to get it. Try to make a list of things you may require thinking about what is essential for you to put in the Hospital Bag for Delivery.

Stay calm and have a wonderful journey.

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