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Why Nyquil Is Recommended To Kids?

nyquil for kids

In India, mothers are curious about the high demand for the use of Nyquil for their children. Generally, Nyquil is a medical combination used in the treatment of coughs and other breathing-related diseases. It is a remedy for pain relief, fever and coughs. It shrinks the blood vessels and restricts certain movements in the body in order to allow for a brief release from a cough caused by a little crankiness in the throat popularly known as sore throat, with other symptoms such as fever, headache, sneezing and an irritated nose. But is Nyquil for kids safe? Let’s read further.

So why then is Nyquil for kids is recommended?

Children are prone to cold but as they grow, this trait should diminish also depending on their environment. Nyquil is a good remedy for the relief of cough, sneezing, catarrh and fever in children. Nyquil for kids is without alcohol which allows the kids to relax so moms can be relieved of stress in the meantime.  

Mothers recommend Nyquil to their kids because it is a fast relief or as I call it, a quick fix for their nightly or sudden cough and feverish symptoms though it may have its own disadvantages. This medication is usually self-medicated but it is always advisable to be on the safe side and seek a doctor’s consent before administering this medicine to kids. Research shows that the Antihistamines contained in the Nyquil combination which could also relieve sneezing, cold, runny nose and itchy throat have not been proven to be completely active for kids below the age of 6 years. So, it is best to use this medication only on a doctor’s prescription because improper use of these medications can cause a side effect.

In order to reduce these side effects, it is advisable to follow thoroughly, all dosage instructions. It is not advisable to use this medication to get a child to sleep and abstain from such contents in medications that may cause a child to be drowsy. It comes with a side effect. Please, mothers, are advised to seek the prescriptions of a medical person for other options to use in the treatment of these symptoms, especially for a runny nose, catarrh and cough.

The important question therein is, Is Nyquil for kids an ideal choice?

Medical specialists advise that medications containing Antihistamine, such as OTC cold and cough and the likes are not recommendable for kids below the age of 2 years as the contents can lead to side effects such as convulsions, speedy heartbeat, weakness and maybe even death. Nyquil is generally not advisable for kids under the age of 6 years except on the doctor’s prescription. We will also be discussing the precautions to take while administering this medication to kids subsequently. 

Please be aware that the dosage cup attached with the medicine is of necessity. So make sure to use it while administering the medicine to your kids. Never at any point in time or for any reason increase the dosage because when given in surplus can result in damage to the liver. Therefore, be sure to follow a doctor’s guide to prevent putting your child’s health at risk. Misuse or abuse of this medicine could lead to a brain disorder or even death. Report to your medical personnel if usual symptoms arise.

nyquil for kids

Precautions while using Nyquil For Kids

In administering Nyquil for kids, it is important to note certain precautions:

  • Always give the right dosage. If for any reason you forget to administer a dose, try to follow appropriate prescriptions. Never give in surplus, always stick to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Make sure your kids take enough water and are well rested whenever they have the flu.
  • Bear in mind that Nyquil acts as a relief for symptoms relating to coughs and colds. It is not a cure to either cold, coughs, or flu. Please it is important to take this fact into consideration while administering Nyquil to children. Be patient, observant (for any changes) and keep to instructions to allow the symptoms to subside.
  • Use appropriate measuring cups that come with the medicine to administer medication at all times.
  • Ask questions, be observant and take note of changes in your child while administering the medicine. Report strange behaviors or changes to your doctor.
  • It is the nature of children to be playful and careless of their health so mothers or adults must encourage them to wash their hands often as a safety precaution to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Get your child vaccinated as a safety precaution against infections of cold or flu.
  • Be aware of allergies and be sure to notify your health specialist or doctor of any existing allergies before administering Nyquil. Seek counsel or advice from your health specialist or doctor for a detailed explanation.
  • Educate your child on how to cover their nose or mouth using their elbow while sneezing or coughing to avoid spreading or contracting infections at school or in the playground.
  • Make available to your health specialist or doctor important information like your child’s previous medical history be it asthma, intestinal irritations like ulcers, breathing problems, eye irritation issues, etc. before opting for Nyquil.
  • Protect your child by properly dressing the child in a cold season.

As effective as Nyquil for kids may seem, it is important to try out manual methods like using a soft, harmless tuber to draw out the mucus from the nose of an infant or younger child. If it is an older child, you can teach them to blow their noses to bring out the mucus. These manual methods can help subside the effect of the flu rather than opting straight for a medicinal cure. You can also make them use warm water for the time being at least until the symptoms are almost gone.

Nyquil has a tendency to cause drowsiness, blurry vision, or dizziness. It is advisable to allow the child to take enough rest after this medication. This is because children are more sensitive to the effects of this medication. The most common effect in younger kids may be hyper activeness or excitement as oppose to drowsiness. Not to worry though, the most important thing is, be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions while administering this medicine and be rest assured. Also, make sure that your child is safe and well-rested enough to resume normal activity.

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