Is Aquasoft Cream For Babies Good Or Bad?

The baby’s skin is the most delicate and unique textured. Parents might have noticed a film of white substance on the baby’s skin when he or she is born. This protective film on the skin protects the baby’s skin even while in the mother’s tummy. But once the baby takes birth the film is lost. The baby’s skin can easily be dehydrated now. Thus, moisturisers become important for baby’s healthy skin. As essential as the lotions are one must also keep in mind the delicately soft baby skin. So today we are going to throw some light about the much talked about moisturising lotion Aquasoft cream for babies,  is it good or bad?  What is Aquasoft cream? Are Aquasoft cream side effects severe?

What is Aquasoft cream?

Aquasoft Moisturising Lotion has a unique combination of ingredients which provide appropriate levels of moisturisation to your baby’s subtle skin. It leave skin soft and nourished and helps in regaining the moisture of the skin.

aquasoft cream

Price of Aquasoft cream, 200ml: ₹ 353.00

What are the key features of aquasoft cream?

  • Aquasoft cream for babies is comprehensive all in one moisturizing lotion with benefits of moisturizer and skin softner
  • Aquasoft cream for babies is a highly effective moisturizing cream that helps to instantly soothe and nourish dehydrated skin
  • Its  nourishing formula helps to reduce roughness, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised
  • It is also an all season daily moisturising lotion and suitable for even the sensitive skin of the baby
  • Apply after giving bath to the baby in the morning and at night time for ultimate hydration.

What are the Aquasoft cream side effects? 

Like any cream or lotion this cream too comes with a set of caution note which says if you have the following symptoms visit your physician:

  1. Fever
  2. Rashes
  3. Itching

As a parent one wouldn’t want to risk the baby with any product but this side effects are considered as common for any cream or lotion. Even then if you feel it might be harmful always use the products after consulting your doctor and then being absolutely sure about the product.  Also Aquasoft cream or lotion can be used by adults too, so one might get confused whether its good for baby’s skin. But lot of doctors prescribe it for baby’s dry skin as its glycerine base is safe and effective moisturiser for the baby. So Aquasoft cream side effects are very less and advantages are more.

Aquasoft cream

What else can be an effective way to keep the baby’s skin moisturized?

It might seem to be difficult task to nurture the delicate skin but the key here is always lesser the products best is the results.

  • Go natural: The best and the most effective natural way to keep the moisture on the baby skin is giving the baby bath with milk. Yes you read it right, after you have given the baby a nice wash with the shampoo or soap of your choice, rub a little milk on the skin to retain the moisture on the skin. This trick has been used since ages by mother’s world wide. If not milk, you can also use milk based products available online. Check options.
  • A nice oil bath can help: Oil is the saviour for dry and harsh skin. Its very unlikely for a new born skin to be very dry but it does happen during the winters. So an oil bath can save you through the trouble of having harsh skin which might irritate and peel off easily causing a painful area for the infant. For this mother’s can either opt for coconut oil or Dabur Lal oil for the massage. (Price for Dabur lal oil: ₹350 for 500ml bottle). For winters even sesame oil can be a best option. Along with subtle skin you also get an added benefit of great immunity against common cold and cough.
  • Do not take hot water baths for long: If you feel that your baby’s skin is getting dry very often limit the time that your baby sits in the tub of warm water. It can also lead to skin being ripped off of the essential oils leaving the skin dry and scaly.
  • Moisturise the skin after the shower: After the shower moisturise your baby’s skin with a good lotion of your choice,  if recommended by your doctor even Aquasoft cream can be a very good option. Always before choosing a lotion for your baby consult with your doctor about the pros and cons of the same.
  • A well hydrated inner system gives a well hydrated external body: Older kids tend to have a tendency to develop dry skin because of the constant play and exposure to the external environment. Encourage your kids to keep themselves hydrated so as to fight the ill effects of the dry scaly skin.
  • Include healthy diet: Include plenty of green leafy veggies and protein rich contents in their food. It maintains the overall health of the body along with the health of the skin making it lustrous and smooth. It keeps the digestive system clean and its results are seen reflecting on the skin.
  • Fish can be a very good option: It is generally believed that eating fish in regular basis can be a good option to maintain the skin healthy. Surely it’s not feasible for younger kids but this option can be very beneficial for children who are of the age to consume it.

So folks, I hope we have unveiled the mysteries of dry and scaly skin and mastered some art over controlling it. And hopefully the information regarding the aquasoft cream side effect and aquasoft cream for babies is a bit on the clearer side now. Help your near and dear ones to make a right decision when it comes to your baby’s skin need. Always refer your doctor first before changing and cream or lotion for your baby. They will definitely have a better insight about your baby’s skin type and skin needs. And do not refrain from asking about the uses of the products introduced.

Happy parenting folks!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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