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Use These Home Remedies For Loose Motion To Soothe Your Tummy During Pregnancy!

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Diarrhoea or loose motion often leads to sleeplessness nights during pregnancy. It’s one of the major but common problems for mom to be. So if you have questions like What can cause loose motions? What are the best home remedies for loose motion? You have reached to the right place.

Loose motions can be frustrating and stressful during pregnancy and even otherwise. It can leave you lethargic and tired. No matter how careful one is during pregnancy one point or the other one can face the problems of loose motions. There is quite some myths and mysteries revolving around it, e.g.; will loose motion cause miscarriage? Taking medicines will have side effects? Remaining empty stomach can solve my issue? What can cause loose motions? Let’s solve some of these mysteries.

What can cause loose motion during pregnancy and otherwise?

Some researchers conclude that causes of loose motions can be due to the surge of the hormone progesterone in the body, but the truth being progesterone causes constipation in the body. Then how exactly does one get diarrhea? The hormone progesterone and relaxin are in high quantities during pregnancy, both the hormones cause relaxation of the bowel and bladder muscles, which can be among causes of loose motion. Which in directly cause smooth movement of the bowel, which can be among causes of loose motion? Also, the growing pressure over the rectum causes increased pressure over the bowel, which can also be a cause of loose motion.

In normal circumstances there can be other reasons of loose motion like

  • Bacterial infection due to some food
  • Side effects of some medication
  • Consumption of fatty foods or spicy food
  • Change of surrounding or environment, leads to water changes

These reasons or causes of loose motion can hold true even for a pregnant lady.

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

What are the symptoms of Loose motion?

The following are few basic signs and symptoms of loose motion.                    

  • Nausea and vomiting                 
  • Fever and chills                                     
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Gas and bloating
  • Fatigue

Major Symptoms Of Loose Motion Affecting Whole Body:


Continuous loose motions can pose to be a problem for the baby and the mother too. It will make the mothers fluid levels in the body go haywire and lead to dizziness and weakness. It can hamper the growth of the baby. If it goes on for days can induce pre-term labor. This can be a fatal problem of loose motion

Salt imbalance

Owing to the dehydration the salt levels in the body of the mothers goes below normal. If ignored can hamper the muscle development of the baby and might lead to problems with development. This is a very grave problem of loose motion.

Lethargy and tiredness

Another major problem of loose motion is lethargy & tiredness.  It is the most common sign of diarrhea where one might feel the urge to rest the whole while not even turning on the bed would seem plausible.

Can loose motion be dangerous?

There are signs that tell you the severity of the problem of loose motions and your body gives you indications. Some of them are like:

  • When you haven’t felt the baby move for some time.
  • When you have bleeding or spotting.
  • If you are having contractions.
  • In case you have nausea and vomit.
  • If your stool has mucous or blood in it.
  • If you have a fever–it could be an infection.
  • If you’ve had over three stools in a day, in particular watery ones.
  • In case of higher urine output and increased thirst could mean you’re dehydrated.
  • If you’re dizzy or lightheaded. This can mean moderate to severe dehydration or a sign of bacterial infections.

If you have the above symptoms its of utmost importance to call a doctor.

Myths around diarrhea or loose motions during pregnancy:

  • Persistent loose motions can cause miscarriage:

The cramps associated with diarrhea can feel a lot like the cramps that occurs during a miscarriage or even during an heavy flow of period. If you have to strain too much to pass stools, could one push out the baby as well one might wonder, If you’ve had a delivery before, you may remember that pushing during the time of labor uses a lot of the same abdominal muscles. This is the main reason to confuse oneself between miscarriage and loose motion dangers.

  • Is it okay to eat eggs when diagnosed with loose motion?

One can consume boiled egg but it is advisable to avoid seafood and meat during the treatment term. Egg yolk is a substance that increases heat in the body, which is good thing as loose motion occurs due to the opposite.


Home remedies for loose motions:

Curing loose motion through home remedies is possible and here’s what you need to do:

1. Include a lot of fibrous diet

To help firm up your stool, eat a bland diet of apple, rice, toast and banana. This diet combination can be an excellent in curing loose motion. Make sure to use whole grain bread. These fiber-rich foods will absorb water and help your stool production. Rice and bananas have a lot of fiber too. Apples have pectin that can add bulk to stool best food to eat during loose motion. Eating 4 to 6 servings a day are best.

2. Water is the key

Diarrhea burns through a lot of water. So make sure to replace it right away. You should increase by up to 1L an hour for one to two hours until symptoms reside. Dehydration prevention is a key in the treatment of loose motion in pregnancy. This can give relief from loose motion.

3. Keep away from being a sweet tooth for a while

Fat and sugar can aggravate diarrhea. Sugar can irritate an inflamed intestinal lining by stimulating acids. High-fat foods aren’t easily digested because they don’t dissolve in water easily. Some foods to avoid are butter, dried fruits, candies, meat, soda, fruit juices, and processed foods. Best way is avoiding sugar and curing loose motion.

4. May be cheese can be on list too, best food for loose motion

One of the best home remedies for loose motion is cheese. Cheese has enzymes that help solidify your stool and regulate your digestion. Rennet is one of the enzymes you will get from cheese, but remember to avoid processed cheese. About a quarter serving per meal is enough. Don’t eat cheese if you’re suffering from lactose intolerance.

5. Re- check your medicines with the doctor

Some medicines can cause diarrhea, but with time your body can adjust. If the condition doesn’t improve, be sure to check with your doctor and ask him/her to change the medications. This can give you relief from loose motion.

6. Consuming lot of electrolytes is one of the best remedies for loose motion

Don’t forget you’ll need to revive the electrolytes and sodium levels that you have lost from loose stool. It’s also good to enjoy a sports drink or other rehydrating treats. Best relief from loose motion induced dehydration is having ORS.

7. Best food for loose motion

Moong dal khichdi, yogurt, banana are considered traditionally as the best foods for loose motion. These are a go to food to eat during loose motions

The gist of the discussion:

  • Best food for loose motion – Egg, khichdi, yogurt , cheese are the food to eat during loose motion
  • Food to eat during loose motion (fruits) – apple and banana
  • Best home remedies for loose motion- ORS, lots of fluids

I hope the above information helps you in the time of your need with best home remedies for loose motion and get relief from it, be sure to visit a doctor if necessary.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan
Dr. Krutika Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric Neuro therapist.I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. She is the most precious thing to have happened to me. Motherhood in the eyes of a medical professional is completely different. Very often I find myself in a dilemma when she is sick I become frozen and panicked. As a first time mother it is sometimes overwhelming and full of surprises. Yes being in medical professional helps me tackle a few things here and there but what I have learnt through the journey so far is it’s okay to not know or being not able to decide for yourself. It’s okay if you seek somebody’s help. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or don’t have enough knowledge it just means you are new at this and trying to do your best. It takes great courage to accept your short comings and learn about it in the process. As a mother and as a medical professional I have just one advice and tip to all the parents out there do not ever try and compare your little one to other children. Every child is unique and is a blessing enjoy their childhood and let them be.                                                                                                                

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