Facts Breaking Most Common Pregnancy Myths

Have good news? Congratulations and welcome to the parenting club. The moment, a woman conceives, entire family and friends start advising the her about every topic possible covering pregnancy. However, there are many myths that we have been carrying from generation to generation which many of us still believe in without thinking about the scientific facts.

Here are a few such common pregnancy myths and the truths:

Myth 1: It is possible to predict the gender of the baby naturally
Fact: Without an ultrasound, it is not possible to know the correct gender of the unborn baby

During the pregnancy period, people start predicting the sex of the baby – whether it is going to be a boy or girl. Many old women even claim to predict the correct gender merely by looking at the belly or the face of the pregnant woman. There are many myths like the round belly is related to baby boy whereas oval means a baby girl.  If the woman has pregnancy glow, it’s a baby boy and if the face is dull, it’s a girl. These are absolutely incorrect as there are no logic behind these. Many people even consult a priest or doula to know the gender of the baby. These are just more than just superstition without any basis.

Myth 2: A woman should eat for two when pregnant  
Fact: A pregnant woman should just focus on getting the right nutrients in her diet and avoid overeating

You must have heard your mom or mom-in-law or other relatives who keep asking the pregnant woman to eat for two when pregnant. Their logic is she should eat for the baby too. This is a myth as the woman provides nutrients to her unborn baby through her diet only. Whatever she eats reaches to her baby too so she should just maintain a regular and nutrients rich diet full of iron, proteins, calcium, and minerals. Overeating may result in bloating which may make the women uncomfortable and may even harm her and the fetus too.

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Myth 3: A pregnant woman should not exercise 
Fact: Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or you are recommended by your doctor not to exercise, there is no harm 

Our mom and grandmoms used to do all the chores on their own when they were carrying babies as there was not much of machine help. This resulted in natural deliveries mostly as it kept the woman active throughout the time. Today, many of us have a sedentary lifestyle so the doctors advise engaging in light to moderate exercise when pregnant. Unless you are completely on bed rest or have a complicated pregnancy, it is always good to be active, go on walks, do aerobics and a little exercise. Consult your doctor and go by his/her advice rather than making your own perceptions.

Myth 4: A pregnant woman should abstain from sex
Fact: Sex has o effect on a healthy pregnancy

It is a myth that sex during pregnancy increases the chances of preterm delivery and harms the fetus. If you have a healthy pregnancy without any complications like placental or cervical issues, heavy bleeding, water has broken or you face any other issues, sex is absolutely normal while being pregnant. There is no proven risk in case of normal/low-risk pregnancies.

Myth 5: A woman should not drink coffee/tea during pregnancy as it has caffeine
Fact: One cup of coffee is OK

Caffeine may be harmful in pregnancy if the intake is not in control. However, one cup of tea/coffee every day is absolutely OK and safe for the mother and baby. Just keep a check on your intake.

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Myth 6: A pregnant woman has to be happy and glowing always
Fact: Not feasible, not needed either

Hormones play a lot when a woman a pregnant. There are many body changes and it is reflected in her behaviour too. She undergoes a lot of mood swings that takes a toll on her mental as well as physical health. Expecting her to be happy and smiling all the time is not a practical approach. Please understand she’s carrying a life inside her and is going through a totally different experience in her life. Respect that.

Myth 7: Vaginal delivery cannot be done after a cesarean delivery
Fact: There are equal chances of both the deliveries

The doctor is the best person to decide the mode of childbirth considering the condition of the would-be mother. It will be a vaginal delivery or C-Sec – this depends on how the pregnancy is progressing, the water bag, placenta condition, cervix position, the woman’s labor, and the risk of any other possible complications.

These are some myths surrounding in our society and we want you to be aware about the truths against them. If you wish to know anything more from us, get in touch by writing us an email or drop your comments and we’ll get back to you.

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