Enfamil Stage 1 Review – Benefits & Side Effects

When a new born baby takes their mother’s milk, it seems to be the safest and healthiest type of nutrition for babies. Breast mil is one of the greatest ingredients for kids overall health. But now most of the mothers are busy at workplace, or in their job. They don’t get much time to spend at home. Which in result stops moms from feeding their newborns throughout the whole two-year period. This two years process is recommended for the baby’s proper health development. Not just this, there are various other factors that lead to a difficult situation for moms these days. Some of them face issues of less milk production itself. In such situation, they aren’t able to meet the feeding requirement of their kids even if they take time out of their jobs. In this kind of circumstances, newborns have been given a supplemental diet or baby formula that is nutritionally equivalent to the mother’s milk and provides all of the advantages of organic milk. There are numerous brands that specialise in infant milk products that are now available in the global market. The Mead Johnson Company’s Enfamil stage 1 formula milk is one such example situated in Thailand. Let me help you know complete Enfamil stage 1 review of this product so you know all about it before purchasing.

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Enfamil Stage 1 Review

Mead Johnson has developed an incredibly simple milk formula Enfamil Stage 1 for babies from birth to six months, which is a result of years of nutrition research. The first six months of a baby’s life are critical in terms of general development. That’s the period during which the infant’s body and brain grow and build for the future. This phase is also connected with intellectual growth, therefore it is essential that all nutrients that promote appropriate growth must be included in the newborn’s daily intake.

It contains DHA and ARA, which assist in both the baby’s brain and body development. This product additionally contains Iron and Choline, in addition to the recommended amounts of DHA and ARA. Choline is important for memory and proper brain function, and iron helps to boost haemoglobin level and enhance blood circulation, resulting in improved immunity. This formula promotes the child’s entire growth. It is specifically formulated with the right proportions of proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for developing children.

Enfamil Stage 1 review

Enfamil Stage 1 Features

Enfamil Stage 1 formula meets all of your baby’s nutritional needs. It is ideal for newborns between the age from birth upto six months. The following are some of the product’s major features:

  • It is simple to digest this milk formula:  The milk protein present in Enfamil Stage 1 is easily digestible and comparable to the protein present in mother’s milk. This milk protein is derived from cows that have been hand-selected and domesticated on high-quality, nutrient-dense diets. There is no indication of discomfort after being fed this infant formula. It is gentle on the baby’s stomach and is simple for them to absorb. As a result there is no more bloating or constipation after consuming this.
  • Composition of Ingredients: Detailed Information of the ingredients used are provided on the right side of the packaging. Enfamil Stage 1 infant formula contains ingredients such as milk solids, edible vegetable oils, arachidonic acid (ARA) from Mortierella Alpina, docosahexaenoic acid from Cryptodinium cohnii, vitamins, corn syrup solids, calcium hydroxide, potassium hydrogen carbonate, nucleotides, potassium citrate, ascorbyl palmitate and taurine.
  • DHA and ARA are present: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid) are both present in the powder in a certain proportion; the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has set this value. DHA and ARA are two nutrients that help a baby’s brain and physical development.
  • Tin Bottle and Air tight Lid: The formula is packaged in a tin and it provides simple, protective packaging that allows it to be stored at room temperature.It acts as a strong shield to moisture, air, and sunlight. Thus it naturally maintains its nutrients without the need of preservatives.

Enfamil Stage 1 Benefits

The Enfamil stage 1 benefits listed below:

  • One of the most Enfamil stage 1 benefits is that it assists in meeting all of their nutritional requirements that may have been missed owing to a shortage of or absence of mother’s milk for a newborn child.
  • Although it is not a substitute for breast milk, it does offer the child with all of the necessary nutrients for appropriate growth and development.
  • This baby formula also helps to develop the newborn’s immune system, which helps to prevent him or her from illnesses that can be fatal.
  • It contains DHA, ARA, choline, and iron which are crucial components of a baby’s brain development.
  • The formula is Non-GMO and Gluten-free thus simple for the infant to digest.

Enfamil Stage 1 Side Effects

According to Enfamil stage 1 review from parents who have given this formula to their children, there are no such known negative effects and it is an excellent product. However, there are just a few Enfamil stage 1 side effects:

  • Higher Price: This Infant formula is a bit expensive in respect to other formula milk alternatives available on the market.
  • To get a scoop, it’s quite hard: Even though the formula comes with a plastic measuring scoop, you still have to dig a little to get it.

Why is Enfamil Stage 1 Used?

In instances when breastfeeding is not available, Enfamil Stage 1 baby formula is a healthy and nutritious supplement that may be used to feed newborns over doctor’s supervision. Enfamil promotes your baby’s overall growth and brain development by including organic dietary fibre, which softens stools and makes the infant more comfortable. Beside this the Enfamil Stage 1 side effects are almost negligible,making it one of the best infant milk products available.


  1. What is Enfamil?

Enfamil Stage 1 Infant formula powder is a comprehensive combination of DHA, vital vitamins, and minerals needed for a newborn baby’s full growth and maintenance.

  • Why is it used?

This  Enfamil stage 1 benefits assists in meeting all of their nutritional requirements that may have been missed owing to a shortage of or absence of mother’s milk for a newborn child. It does also offer the child with all of the necessary nutrients for appropriate growth and development.

  • Infant formula preparation Instructions

Firstly, boil around 100 mL of fresh water for 5 minutes. Only 90ml of lukewarm water is required, according to the instructions. Allow the water to cool to room temperature when you’ve finished. Then add the appropriate amount of powder once the water has reached room temperature.


Enfamil stage 1 formula is a well-known brand that is highly safe for infants. After going through the Enfamil stage 1 review it is a fantastic choice as if you want to consider your baby’s growth and watch them grow strong and sharp-minded. It includes several minerals and proteins that a newborn infant needs. One of the key Enfamil stage 1 benefits is that it is completely vegetarian and aids in the relief of constipation of infants.

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